yes, it is me. Since everybody’s doing it, I’ve decided to put up 100 things about me…it may take a while, I don’t know if I know 100 things about myself (no laughing from the peanut gallery). Hoozah! it’s finally finished.

  1. I was born in Jamaica.
  2. I moved to Reno, NV when I was about three.
  3. My family (unwillingly) moved me to FL when I was about twelve.
  4. I miss the desert.
  5. And actual seasons.
  6. I’m tall.
  7. I love to dance.
  8. I taught myself how to play the flute in 7th grade.
  9. I’ve only received one “Excellent” rating ever at Solo & Ensemble.
  10. It was for a flute, oboe, and clarinet trio.
  11. The remainders were all “Superior” ratings.
  12. I’m still bitter about it.
  13. Everyone thought I’d run off to join some world famous philharmonic one day.
  14. I dropped marching band my senior year of high school and never looked back.
  15. I also switched to bassoon in symphonic band my senior year.
  16. It was a nice change, but I missed playing the flute.
  17. I still miss performing.
  18. I love classical music.
  19. Georg Philip Telemann is one of my favourite composers.
  20. My first piccolo solo, Sonata in F Major, was composed by Telemann.
  21. I actually love all music (yes, even folk and country).
  22. Well, I love almost all music – just not ‘kill yo mama, kill yo daddy, my horse left me and I’m all alone drinkin’ beer now’ types of music.
  23. I listen to lyrics when they’re present.
  24. I’m shy, but no one believes me when I tell them.
  25. I have an inner geek trying to break free.
  26. I like living things.
  27. I love fast cars and big trucks.
  28. You can tell what I really think about anything by looking at my facial expression within the first 10 seconds.
  29. I can say in all honesty that I’ve never abused an illegal drug.
  30. And don’t ever intend to.
  31. I enjoy sports.
  32. My favourite sports to watch are gymnastics, swimming, basketball, and football
  33. My favourite sports to play are basketball and football.
  34. I haven’t played a team sport in years.
  35. I LOVE accents.
  36. Any accent.
  37. My favourites are Scottish, English, French, Southern, and German — but like I said, any accent will do.
  38. The way to my heart is through Domino’s Cheesy Bread.
  39. I’m an equal opportunity player…er…I mean dater.
  40. I like trying new foods and drinks.
  41. But, I have to smell it first.
  42. I’m an undercover romantic.
  43. A faithfully loyal friend.
  44. My favourite colour changes with my mood.
  45. But generally hovers around blues, purples, white, black, greens, and some other stuff in between.
  46. I have a cat who thinks she’s human.
  47. I love to day dream.
  48. Rude people bother me.
  49. I believe in karma so I don’t let it get under my skin.
  50. I can be old fashioned.
  51. I believe in respect and good manners (please, thank you, all that).
  52. I try very hard to treat others as I’d like to be treated.
  53. I am a bona fide tea snob.
  54. I especially like peppermint, white and green teas.
  55. I’m always open to trying new teas.
  56. I could live on bread, cereal, and oatmeal without complaint if necessary.
  57. I still sleep with a teddy bear.
  58. Her name is Chocolate.
  59. She’s caramel coloured.
  60. Eeyore is my favourite Disney character.
  61. Something Eeyore related resides in every room of my home (even the kitchen and bathrooms).
  62. I have a strange pillow fetish.
  63. I’m teased by my family about it.
  64. I collect journals.
  65. I have nearly a hundred.
  66. I don’t write in the journals I collect.
  67. I’ll purchase a separate one for that.
  68. I’m extremely picky about the pens I use to write with.
  69. And the paper I write on.
  70. I don’t like long shopping excursions.
  71. Flip flops are my favourite shoes.
  72. I like to draw.
  73. And paint.
  74. I love to read.
  75. Mostly horror and classic literature.
  76. I tend to dislike romance novels.
  77. I have a strange, almost disturbing, interest in serial killers.
  78. And abnormal psychology in general.
  79. I love reality crime/investigative shows.
  80. Most of my television viewing time is spent watching Court TV, Discovery, TLC, A&E, Sci-Fi or Bravo.
  81. I also love cartoons.
  82. To include (I’ll admit it) the Smurfs.
  83. I majored in English.
  84. Though my English, spelling, and grammar each tend to suck from time to time.
  85. I’m also quite wordy.
  86. No, I wasn’t studying to be a teacher.
  87. I was voted Miss Congeniality in the Miss Black UM pageant.
  88. I was the only person who didn’t vote for myself.
  89. I also received the award for highest GPA.
  90. I relinquished the award to the girl with the second highest GPA.
  91. Though I’m fairly girlie, the experience showed me that I’m not nearly girlie enough for pageants.
  92. It also showed me that I’m not very photogenic (note the lack of pictures on this site).
  93. I’m very sensitive to smells.
  94. Allergic to cigarette smoke.
  95. And stinky toiletries.
  96. I often “see” with my hands.
  97. I love textures.
  98. Especially textured paintings.
  99. I become easily distracted when nervous.
  100. And my brain starts to move much faster than my mouth and tongue.