In case you haven’t put it together yet, this used to be my personal (and in no way professional) online journal. Now it’s the home of the Mild Insanity mini zine.

What’s a mini zine, you ask? A self-published mini magazine about nothing in particular. (Actually mini zines can be about anything, mine just happen to be about nothing in particular. Though a few themed ones may eventually pop up.) The goal of the Mild Insanity mini zines is to provide you with a bit of light in your day, maybe a smile, and some laughter if I’m lucky.

If you’ve received a mini zine which you’ve made all shiny with paint or scribbly-scratches, I’d love to see it. It may even get featured in the gallery (once I get the gallery set up). Just send a pic to showing what you’ve done.

Since this is a relatively young endeavor, it will grow and evolve in time, I’m certain. If you have a suggestion for a future issue, I’m all ears.