In case you haven’t put it together yet, this is my personal (and in no way professional) online journal. Sometimes the writing’s serious, sometimes it’s “deep”, and other times, just plain drivel (yeah, I’m secure enough to admit it).

But, the most important thing to remember while you read the words on this site is that they’re all taken out of context. They are mere glimpses into my life and in no way represent me in my entirety.

In general, I enjoy dancing, reading, writing, drawing, painting, watching movies, playing the flute, and listening to music. My interests are many and varied. In fact, I also enjoy discovering new hobbies and pastimes. (Feel free to suggest something.)

As far as this site goes, it’s powered by WordPress and the theme was designed and coded by myself. If you care to know even more fun facts about me, you can read the 100 Things About Teli page. You might be surprised by what you discover.