Can You Say Designer’s Block?

Well – today isn’t such a bad day – barring the fact that I’ve been having some super weird dreams lately. Yes, dreams that even I think are weird and maybe they’re what’s contributing to my designer’s block today. I woke up pumped and ready to work on my current project, but about 5 minutes in I became antsy and my mind started drifting to all the projects I want to do for myself (i.e. hacking up this blog so it shows up properly in IE – I’m still teetering on that one though) – finishing cssgoddess, redesigning buniek, design a header for a friend, and another idea I can’t wait to get started on. I can bring myself back to the task at hand easily enough, but now I’ve run into a wall – the designer’s block wall…

Yes, it seems I have a bunch of stuff on my plate and I am trying to balance it – somedays are harder than others, but for the most part I enjoy it so it makes it all alright. I just wanted to get a blog or two in there since someone has been riding me about it. Now, I’m gonna play my flute. For some odd reason, that usually helps to get my creative juices flowing again when the well seems to run dry – hmmm….

HTTPanties and Other Ramblings

How awesome is this? ThinkGeek :: HTTPanties

Now I can show the men (and occassionally women) trying to get into my panties how I really feel…they currently only have two codes though:
200: OK
403: Denied

But, I personally think some of the other error codes could come in handy too ;)

On another note, in my quest through mindless stuff on the ‘net, I came across the Dilbert House Project…now while the creators are saying some of these things are “impractical” I beg to differ on at least one of them…

The drive up window for the pizza delivery boy, fedex driver, etc. – now, I personally know that I would sooo love to have that feature. No opening the door, not making sure the kitty doesn’t try to escape (not that she actually would), no having those uncomfortable moments when looking for you rwallet, etc…

Just my 2 cents…

Hotmail vs. Yahoo vs. Gmail

Let’s have a look at the facts and determine which one is a better choice – note I’m only comparing the free packages, not the premium services:

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quite possibly the worst background color …ever

Well, I’m blind (actually, only temporarily) b/c – like the dumbass that I can be – decided to actually READ the page with the worst background color …ever. I heard the nagging voice in the back of my head saying “what’s wrong with you? You do realize that once you’re done reading it you’re gonna be seeing green spots and feel like your hooped up on some weird drug you’ve never heard of tried before – right?”

But did I listen to that voice – noooooo

Some people should just not be allowed to design their own web pages – there should be some sorta law or something. The good people running should have enough sense not to allow people to design their pages without some web design guidelines or something.

I’m sure that’s how many people who actually wander to my personal blog feel about me…but oh well – at least my background color is not red.

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My shiney new Gmail account

woo and hoo – I have a Gmail account and boy is that thing awesome :)

1 GB of free storage space
Archive your messages – don’t delete them – you can search them later
Conversation feature – it threads all conversations in the same email message for easy viewing/reviewing
Super fast and it refreshes every couple seconds to show your most recent inbox (unnoticeably or unobstrusively I might add)

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