Comment Spam Sucks

You know, I’ve read about comment spam, I’ve even seen comment spam on other blogs and I’ve come the conclusion – it’s all fun and games until it happens to you and it can happen to you. A couple weeks ago, I got my first comment spams on a couple of my older posts and luckily, both were caught by my spam filters and set in the moderation queue. But one did get through and posted to my blog – why? Because “online gambling” wasn’t set in my spam filter key words so it was live for a few minutes while I deleted it.

And now today, I’ve just received another piece of comment spam on an older one of my posts, but I have “comment moderation” on, so any comment on a post older than 7 days will be automatically put in the moderation queue. What really sucks is that I actually have to deal with it at all, I have to see it and delete it. Man I wish there was a way to just automate it and delete all comments that seemed remotely like spam (but unfortunately, I wouldn’t want any legitimate comments to find it’s way to my recycle bin)

Can’t spammers just get lives or something? Don’t these comment spammers realize that the likelihood of their spam actually getting through on my blog is around 0.000001%? Don’t they realize that nobody likes it, nobody wants it, and it ultimately destroys any credibility they may have for their product?

Time for me to go search out some interesting spam fixes for WordPress….

Update: The day after this post, some moronic spammer, who apparently cannot read, decided to bombard me with even more comment spam. I just found the timing to be very odd…

Luckily, Kitty makes a kick-ass spam plugin and when combined with optional comment moderation, it has nipped my spam problem in the bud for the time being. Next in line, I’ll be renaming my wp-comment files so I can get rid of some auto-posters too.

I should prolly include a disclaimer on the posting page which says “if the post is more than 7 days old it will be placed in queue for comment moderation” – hmmm, I’ll get right on that…

Westciv CSS Competition

The results are in and although I didn’t win any grand prizes for my entry in the Style Master CSS competition, I am happy that I got an honourable mention :) and a free copy of their software and CSS guide – woohoo

An added bonus is that my template will be included in the upcoming version of Style Master. On another note, their software is pretty dern nifty and I’m not just saying that b/c I got it for free either…