It makes absolutely no damn sense to me. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, why are you going to celebrate Christmas – the birth of Jesus Christ. This Christmas, I hardly seem in the spirit of things. It’s been a hard one, everyone past ’92 has been a hard one and it only gets harder each and every year.

Serious ranting lay ahead…

This year, I have not seen any cartoons which discuss the true history of Christmas, instead, it’s about Santa and his reindeer, I have not heard Silent Night or O Holy Night, etc. played on any radio stations whereas, a few years back, this would not have been the case. It really doesn’t seem like Christmas is only a few days away.

I debated this post for a long while as the topic’s been on my mind for a couple weeks now. I didn’t want to stir up anything and figured I would ride it out. But, the final straw was reading a snippet from a post on Dooce:

And what makes Jesus so special that EVERYONE YOU KNOW has to get presents on HIS birthday?

Frankly, this attitude is the reason why I ask the question. I can assume that this wasn’t meant to be taken literally and is actually funny, but that coupled with reading the post on Judi’s blog and hearing a story on the local news – A women was not allowed to display her manger scene along side the Christmas tree and Menorah on a public street (eh hem…when did a Pine Tree become the symbol of Christmas? She won by the way, and the manger scene is back up).

Before I continue on, I need to clear up some points:
1. I am not a religious zealot.
2. I do not believe that anyone is going to hell simply because they do not believe in Jesus or subscribe to another religion or no religion at all.
3. I am not condemning anyone nor do I think anyone is a bad person simply because they don’t believe in Jesus
4. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ
5. No, I didn’t vote for Bush

I can understand that no one wants to have another religion forced upon them, but what gives society the right to “sanitize” Christmas just so they can partake in it too? It is Christmas, not xmas.

This is a Christian holiday, just like Chanukah is a Jewish holiday. I’m pretty sure that if society were to step in and create the Chanukah Goose and an apple tree as the symbol of their holiday, they wouldn’t be too happy about it. Chanukah may not be in the same league as Christmas to Christians, it’s still a holy day – as Christmas should be.

I’d just as soon not have any Christmas movies, cartoons, showcases, etc. instead of what we have going on now. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ – if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, or respect our faith and belief in Jesus Christ – you shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas. Yes, that’s my narrow-minded view point.

I celebrated a day of Chanukah once. I’m not Jewish. So what makes my situation so different? Well, because I respected their faith and their belief. It was a very beautiful thing and I still have the gift that Yani’s mother gave to me some 6 years ago. I believe I was so blessed they allowed me to join them (I needed permission from my dad – but he’s fairly open-minded too). I learned about other people, their beliefs, their faith, and in that essense – I gained a tremendous amount of respect for them.

My title is a little misleading – I’m not saying that you have to believe in the Christian religion to celebrate Christmas – simply respect that it is a religious and holy day and do not try to sanitize it. If you really really want to celebrate something non-religious – there are 350 other days to choose from. Pick one and have at it.

I had a long in depth talk with **** regarding this issue (he’s an atheist) and he tried to explain some of the reasoning behind it. He explained that this is a widely recognized holiday and not everyone in society wants to deal with the religious aspects of it, however, they want to partake in it, so the only option was the sanitize the religious aspects (paraphrasing). While I can understand the reasoningit doesn’t make it right or repsectful.

He tried to explain it to me in terms of skin color. Back in the day, black folks did not get much respect, but society changed that and gave black folks freedom. Christmas is a religious holiday, however, many people in society do not like dealing with the religious aspect so society has sanitized and commercialized Christmas. Okay…interesting.

So because people do not like looking at Jesus, it’s okay to sanitize Christmas? I’m sure there are plenty of folk out there who don’t like to look at black people, does that mean black people should bleach their skin so that those people don’t have to look at them anymore? Some people may say “hell, yes” but those are the people who need to learn about tolerance and about getting to know people.

I know Christians are just as much to blame because they did not stand up and speak as this was slowly happening. I’ll bet most kids today don’t even know why we give gifts on Christmas – and I’ve yet to hear many Christians stand up and say anything about it.

One thing that more people need is tolerance, understanding, and respect. That is something that I find many people in society lack today. When I have children, they will be taught the true meaning of Christmas, they will be taught to respect it – even if they choose not to believe it and they will be taught to respect others and their beliefs (or lack thereof).

I’m now done ranting (I think) – I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, whatever religion you subscribe to and a very fruitful new year.