Well, the RSS Feedreader anyway. I love Thunderbird and I really don’t have any gripes about it. There are a number of features which I love and even with this RSS problem, I’d take it over Outlook anyday of the week. And now with 1.0 released, it was so nice being able to check my feeds while I’m checking my mail.

All was well for a while. I’d check my feeds, I’d see who updated and who didn’t and I didn’t need to open my browser or another piece of software – life was good – that is until I started getting duplicates. I believe it happened when the number of feeds I subscribed to went just over 40ish and the next thing I know, Thunderbird is downloading duplicate posts 1, 2, 5+ times for each feed.

Not only that, I set it to only download the excerpt instead of loading the website and for whatever reason, it decides to disregard that setting – usually happens on the duplicate feeds and only for certain websites. It’s very picky about that.

I know I’m not the only person experiencing this because this is apparently a known bug. At least feed reading life was sweet for a few months.

So now, I’m looking for another solution for my feed reading needs. I would love something I could integrate with Thunderbird so I can continue reading my favorite blogs while checking email, but if I have to use another bit of software, then so be it.