It makes not a lick of sense to me. My near month end tallies show that I have received about 50 pieces of spam (give or take) across my 2 blogs. Sometime earlier this month, I’ve finally decided that each piece of comment spam I receive, I plan to report it to their ISP and their domain host.

But in trying to enforce my new self imposed rule, I’ve found that 99% of the sites have already been shut down by their host. So, why then, do spammers continue to spam for a website that is um…non-existant? It’s search engine suicide at best and it doesn’t seem very cost effective to me having to change hosts every couple weeks as people continue to report them.

I really would like to interview a spammer. I promise I’d be cordial and I wouldn’t lunge across cyberspace and strangle anyone – promise. I really just want to know how a spammer’s mind operates.