It’s official – WordPress 1.5 is here and ready for human consumption. It definitely sounds appealing and I honestly didn’t think I’d be driven to update my installations of WordPress (I have 5), but after reading that loverly post on the dev blog, I can’t resist.

I’ll be testing it out on the project that is currently in the works (it’s still a secret until launch). I have already installed 1.2.2 and hacked it to pieces in order for it to do what I want it to, however, I’m willing to scrap that and give 1.5 a try because of some of the added bonuses. I am especially excited about the commenting features – gosh I hope this helps to curb the spam issue.

Hopefully the learning curve will not be too bad. Okay, I’m going to get my work done super fast today so I can go play with WordPress – oooo, I’m all excited!