If you run a blog or weblog, chances are you’ve been hit with trackback spam/comment spam and chances are you don’t like it. Well Paul decided to take the initiative and post the spammer WHOIS info and mentioned reporting the spammers.

I’ve decided to take a little initiative myself and I’ve tracked down the hosting provider for the account.

The details listed in the WHOIS database is likely to be false (and if it is, you can report them to InterNIC for supplying incomplete/incorrect details). Their listed host server is webserverhost.net which is also registered to the same person who owns tigerspice.com. Hmmm, almost dead end.

I decided to trace the IP block for n1 and ns2 at webserverhost.net ( and and found that it belongs to Managed Solutions Group, Inc. (managed.com).

A quick search on Google shows that apparently Managed Solutions Group, Inc. doesn’t really care that people are setting up spammer sites on their plans, but I’d report tigerspice to them anyway.

Paul’s on to something – if enough people complain, they can’t rightly ignore us all.

So, with this information in mind – take a moment to send a message to:
support@namecheap.com (the spammy website registrar)
abuse@managed.com (the spammer’s host)

If you’re feeling really ambitious, call the hosting company and complain, fax in your complaint, or write a snail mail letter:
Managed Solutions Group, Inc.
Corporate Office
46750 Fremont Blvd. #107
Fremont, CA 94538

Telephone: 888.585.8889
Facsimile: 510.659.8900

While you’re at it, report them to Google, Yahoo!, and DMOZ as well :) – all of the links go directly to their spam abuse reporting – and a note to any spammers/trackback spammers: cheers a**hat!

NOTICE: Please make sure to read the comments re: DMOZ