I’ve finished moving the insanity over to the new host – yaaaay. It wasn’t difficult, the delay came because my lazy behind just didn’t feel like porting my current design into a WP 1.5 theme :) . It’s funny because I wouldn’t have experienced any downtime at all – the “I’m sorry” page was due to another problem (detailed at the bottom of this post) and not because of the server move.

Anyhoo, the process broken down:
1. I exported my current database in .sql form
2. I imported the database into the database created on my new hosting account
3. I uploaded the WP 1.5 files to the new server and ran the update
4. Since the old settings from Mild Insanity carried over, I had to use the link provided by the new host appended with my WP login to get in to WP and change the “blog URL” to the temporary host link
5. Added a few plugins here and there – just cuz I could
6. Created a theme out of my current design – added a few other perks to it as well
7. Uploaded and tested the theme (all behind the scenes)
8. Change the nameservers :)

So what finally got my lazy behind up to make the move happen? When I, by chance, happened across my blog and saw a whole slew of MySQL errors and no posts to the blog – I checked my email and saw the server was being rebooted – no problem, until the SQL errors never went away – some 5+ hours later!

Anyhoo, that’s enough ranting for this evening and I’m excited about the new host. At least the insanity is back up – but unfortunately, 2 of my other blogs (including my testbed blogs) are down while they “are fixing the problem with MySQL”…

That’s it – I’m tired, I’m going to bed now.