Some of the Insanity Is Moving

Lately (more like since this year started) I’ve been having to deal with a lot of issues from my past that I thought I had dealt with and evolved from – I was wrong.

These issues are very personal and anyone who knows me very well knows that I viciously guard certain aspects of my life.

This blog gives a nifty overview of my personality, but it doesn’t show the depth of who I am and doesn’t fully explain the events or situations which shaped who I am as a person – good bad or ugly.

I tried to express a little bit of it, but it just felt weird posting it here and the last thing I need to feel is weird posting to my own blog.

So, the solution for me is to start another blog. I’m not going to post the URL here because my new blog is not a *general blog for everyone* – it is a personal online diary.

This new blog simply shows another part of who I am. It is anonymous and doesn’t feature my name or identifying info anywhere on it – so no arbitrary Google searches for “teli” or “telian” will land you there.

The site is relatively new and not really “ready” yet, but if you’d like the URL, you’re welcome to ask for it and I’ll only ask one thing of you (to keep it anonymous).

All This WordPress Hubbub

I started to write a comment on BJ’s posting today on the trouble going on with WordPress, but it became so long I decided I should blog it.

If you haven’t heard yet, it’s been found out that Matt Mullenweg was covertly linking to hosting some 120,000+ shady content pages which were created for the sole purpose of bringing in Adsense revenue for high profit keywords. Matt allegedly admitted to only receiving a set fee and all Adsense revenue went to the owner of those pages. [ read all about it ]

I think the reason why so many people are upset about the situation is because it taints the idealistic view of WordPress. I know I personally held WordPress in very high regard, not just the software, but the purpose, the drive, the community.

My personal feelings have only changed slightly in light of recent events. I still hold WordPress the software in high regard and that won’t change, I still enjoy the community, but now I’m questioning the drive and motive.

I’m not mad at Matt. Open Source Software makers generally receive no love and even less donations, so I can definitely see the need for earning some money on the side. I can’t blame Matt for that – the man cannot live on building free software alone.

Another reason why I’m not so mad at Matt for doing what he did is because I get pissy when people screw with my time and my hard work (with not so much as a thank you), so I expect all the WordPress developers and contributors to be a little pissy when people are ungrateful or don’t give back to the community in some way.

I know plenty of people who remove any and all reference to WordPress from their site, don’t donate, and don’t help out in the support forums or build plugins/themes for WordPress – not even a thank you. That, in my eyes, is just as bad (or worse) than what Matt did.

Obviously the “dark side” was offering something a whole lot better than the “idealistic views of WordPress” side was. My main concern is – what’s really going on behind the development screen? It’s like there’s some dark underbelly of WordPress that I don’t know about and that’s what worries me.

I read somewhere that the developers don’t receive any portion of the donations and people are already figuring out ways to monetize WordPress for their own benefit, but what’s the extent of it all?

Regarding the implications of his actions on the search engines, I’ve known since the moment I discovered CSS that some of the nifty tricks we use to make our lives easier could be used to abuse SEs and lead to what’s considered “shady SEO practices”.

I certainly hope that the big G doesn’t drop because they have a wealth of information on their site that people need on a daily basis and wouldn’t find it w/o a web search…

I honestly hope this can be worked out. My personal feeling though is that Google won’t drop from the index. They may give Matt a very stern warning, but I don’t think they’d actually drop him and I don’t think the little powered by links will affect the rank of the linking site.

On another note: I really need to figure out how to get rid of this rel=”nofollow” crap from my comments section. I know, I know, it’s there for a reason – <sarcasm>my commenters are spammers and their links should be worthless or something</sarcasm>. If I ever decide to abandon my blog, I’ll be sure to turn it back on.

If anyone knows of a quick & painless (hopefully doesn’t make me think – or better yet, logs in and does it for me automagically because it’s wrapped up in a plugin) way to remove them, please let me know :)

My Domino’s People Are So Awesome

It’s 11:30pm in my neck of the woods and for some odd reason, my sleep schedule is totally screwed up. I usually can’t fall asleep until roughly 4am and I wake up around 10ish (weird because I’m used to waking around 6-8ish).

Anyhoo, I’m hungry, but not starving and cooking is out of the question. My grocery store is not 24/7 (wish it were) so I can’t get a fruit fix. I love pizza, but I know Antonio’s is closed and plus I don’t want anything super greasy. Next best thing? Domino’s. I figure they might be open – so I took a chance.

I asked if they were still delivering and he responded with “it depends on where you live…hold on” – line went quiet for a few seconds, then he came back “[my address], right?” and took my order :D . Apparently, I live in the right place.

Just before I hung up, I asked “what time do you guys close during the week normally?” and he responded, “11:30.” – well ain’t that just some shiznit? I feel so bad now, I was tempted to cancel my order so they could all go home, but he said not to worry about it.

I must have the coolest Domino’s guys around (I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I always tip the delivery driver $5 – chances are, it’s one of the regulars).

I wonder if I’m the only person AT&T & Cingular is messing over

I know AT&T sucked, but this merger is sucking even more. I honestly think I’m about to lose my mind dealing with this crap.

Scenario: I made a payment to my cell phone company (even though I’m supposed to be on automatic payment) and I cannot make any outgoing phone calls because it says I need to make a payment. I, amazingly enough, can receive phone calls.

I contact AT&T to get this resolved, the “overseas outsourced representative” gave me a set of instructions to follow at which time, “I should be able to make outgoing phone calls with no trouble because it shows that I don’t owe any money”. I follow her instructions, yet, I’m still not able to make any outgoing phone calls because “I need to make a payment.”

Now, here I am, 7 days and 10 different customer service reps later, and $50 poorer still unable to make outgoing phone calls. I’ve even been hung up on twice by their customer service reps after they called me (and no, I wasn’t cursing at anyone yet, all I managed to get out was “hello, this is she…”).

Back in my day, life was simple: you paid for a service, you got the service. Maybe something got lost in the big conglomerate translation.

UPDATE: 11th customer service representative. I can make outgoing calls now, however, AT&T doesn’t want to compensate me for the 7 days that I didn’t have phone service, citing that “I was able to receive phone calls and I received two phone calls during peak hours which is why my balance was reflecting those charges”. Well, isn’t it funny because those two calls were their customer service representatives calling me to “resolve the problem” (that wasn’t resolved).

I’m now grasping at reasons to stay with AT&T (or is that Cingular now) besides their being the only carrier which supports my Nokia phone…

UPDATE 2: Well, after the situation was resolved and I was fairly compensated (they gave me 8 days and credited me for their service calls), and all was right with the world once again — I checked my email to find this:

Dear Mike Hawkins:

Before you ask – no, I have no idea who Mike Hawkins is and the 9 previous emails attached to it make no mention of a Mike Hawkins.

I thought about what my response should be, and was really tempted to go with “Dear Verizon Wireless…” but instead it went more like “You know what would be great? If my name was Mike Hawkins…”.

Not only could they not resolve my issues in a prompt and courteous manner, this just proves that they don’t even read the emails that are sent to them. Cingular/AT&T email support is disorganized and ridiculous at best.

FFAF Is Over, But Boy Was It Fun

Yesterday I participated in my first ever FFAF and it was lots of fun :) .

At first it felt weird logging into someone else’s blog and publishing stuff, but it was cool to see the different interfaces that everyone had going on. It made my install of WP look so…vanilla. I’ve already found some nifty things I plan to implement here (thanks to the wonderful kindness of those bloggers I harassed for their plugin secrets).

I wasn’t able to get to everyone’s blog, but I did find some pretty cool people along the way :D . One thing I did notice though – my mood and “level of freedom” varied depending on the blog’s design, author, formality and general subject matter.

On the blogs where I felt most comfortable, I left more “natural” and oft longer posts, however, for some other blogs where I didn’t feel totally comfortable, but enough so to post – it was generally a very short “hey there hi-dee ho” then skedaddle.

Very interesting stuff to see how I actually felt on someone’s blog. I wonder how people feel when they visit my blog – hopefully you all feel comfortable ’round here.

Anyhoo, I’m going to try again next month, and maybe this time I’ll actually make it through the entire list.

Happy Happy!

Happy easter, and happy first FFAF? Maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick here… I’m wondering why I should rant about your cat – it’s dogs that get my goat :p Especially this big doberman that came to say hello while I was out today. “Ooh, it won’t hurt you”, where do dog owners get it from? Maybe there’s a handbook or something, I’ve definitely missed it, whatever. I bet you’re thinking ‘If this is the tripe I get, why bother doing FFAF?’, I promise I’ll do better next month :P It’s late (or it is here at any rate)

Onwards and upwards Phill @ blackheart

I wish I were a guy!

Yes, I am blogging on Teli’s blog to tell you all about my cramps. Cramps make an already sick and tired female, even more sick and tired. Some days I wish I was a male. Today is one of those days. Think about it girls. Guys have it so easy don’t they? They don’t have to deal with cramps and bloating once a month. It doesn’t take them as long as it does us, to get ready in the mornings. No makeup, no doing their hair, no pondering for hours on what they’re going to wear. They get to burp out loud and scratch themselves for no reason at all. They even get to pee standing up! Where’s the fairness in that, I ask?

Yes, some days I wish I was a guy. *burps* :P


Happy FFAF!

Just hopping around the journals on the FFAF blogroll, passing out chocolate easter bunnies! Hope you are having a great day!

soniclibra (my journal)

you can do it

Hey there, It’s Luka here. I’m doing a little FFAF posting. :) This is your first FFAF right? Wow. I can’t believe this is the 13th one already. Neat! :) Be sure to stop by my site and doing the FFAF thing there too :)

Happy Spring!

Hey there, happy FFAF!

This is Valerie and I want to say, Yay! Spring is finally here!

Oh, and happy Easter to you. :-)

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