Yesterday I participated in my first ever FFAF and it was lots of fun :) .

At first it felt weird logging into someone else’s blog and publishing stuff, but it was cool to see the different interfaces that everyone had going on. It made my install of WP look so…vanilla. I’ve already found some nifty things I plan to implement here (thanks to the wonderful kindness of those bloggers I harassed for their plugin secrets).

I wasn’t able to get to everyone’s blog, but I did find some pretty cool people along the way :D . One thing I did notice though – my mood and “level of freedom” varied depending on the blog’s design, author, formality and general subject matter.

On the blogs where I felt most comfortable, I left more “natural” and oft longer posts, however, for some other blogs where I didn’t feel totally comfortable, but enough so to post – it was generally a very short “hey there hi-dee ho” then skedaddle.

Very interesting stuff to see how I actually felt on someone’s blog. I wonder how people feel when they visit my blog – hopefully you all feel comfortable ’round here.

Anyhoo, I’m going to try again next month, and maybe this time I’ll actually make it through the entire list.