Stolen from Chrissie who stole it from Bitchalicious (oops, I mean “borrowed from”)…

Accent: Depends on my mood. I say I don’t have an accent, however, I frequently get asked if I’m from England.. If you piss me off though, I can sound pretty ghettofabu
Bra size: 36C
Chore I hate: cleaning toilets
Dad’s name: Donovan (i.e. Poppers)
Essential makeup: does Carmex count?
Favourite perfume: Curve (oooo, and Wings, and J’Adore, and Blue, and anything that smells like Lilacs…)
Gold or silver: Silver or White Gold.
Hometown: Born in Chester Castle, JA – raised in Reno, NV
Interesting Fact: I can tie a cherry stem and touch my nose with my tongue
Job Title: Angel In Training
Kids: 1 cat
Living arrangements: 2Bed house on the canal (hey, at least it’s water and there aren’t any alligators)
Mom’s birthplace: Cambridge, Jamaica (I think)
Number of apples eaten last week: does applesauce count?
Overnight hospital stays: I don’t like hospitals, so none that I’m aware of.
Phobias: Toilets (actually dark drains in general, but mostly toilets) and heights
Question you ask yourself a lot: WTF was I thinking?
Religious affiliation: According to beliefnet I’m a Neo-Pagan or something (raised Baptist Christian)
Siblings: 2 older sissies and 1 older brother (all half-siblings)
Time I wake up: Whenever my cat jumps on me
Unnatural hair color: Fantasizing about brown – but I’m not daring enough to actually do it.
Natural hair color: Black
Vegetable I refuse to eat: None that I know of, I like fruits and veggies.
Worst habit: The pillow
X-rays: I believe 4 or 5
Yummy food I make: That would be Double Chocolate Chip Kahlua brownies.
Zodiac sign: Tauremini