On a recent shopping excursion to buy my nephew some shoes for his birthday, I got schooled.

He mentioned he wanted a pair of shoes, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name of them. So, thinking the logical thing to do would be to ask the store clerk – and my best attempt was “do you have any of those Ice Bling Man shoes?”.

The clerk just looked at me funny and asked “what?” and of course, I repeated the request – mind you, I thought this was the name of the shoes…I turn to my nephew and ask him and he looks at me like ‘I don’t know this lady’ and I feel like a complete arse.

Finally it came to me – the Birdmans…but my question is – if all you remember from the commercial was 1) a rapper; 2) who possibly has ice in his name – or is wearing a whole lot of “ice”; 3) mentions “bling” while wearing a whole lot of bling; and 4) you distinctly remember the word “man” mentioned at the end of the name…wouldn’t the logical conclusion be “ice bling mans” – I think I’m getting old…