Thank you for the well wishes and prayers!

I’m feeling a lot better – the side effects of the meds still have me a little woozy every now and again, but for the most part, I’m able to function at 80% normal :) .

So, news:
- My sister is having surgery on Monday morning. I’m scared crapless for her because I don’t want anyone to cut her open again. I have to bring her to the hospital and since it’s outpatient treatment, I’ll be waiting patiently for them to finish.

- I had to change my email address with this account. teli AT no longer exists, if you send mail there it will bounce. I have been receiving a steady stream of junk mail with a viral attachment.

I’ve not used this email address for anything other than FFAF sign ups with other blogs and I’ve not used the actual email address anywhere online or in plain view, so I don’t rightly know how I ended up on any spammers list. It all started with some stupid “Gouranga” spam message.

- If you want to know the new address replace ‘teli’ with a ‘t’ and please don’t add me to your address book if you have a virus on your machine that mass mails people.

- I’m still playing the catch up game with client, life, and personal stuff – but again, I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I will hopefully have a surprise for everyone in time for my birthday.

<tangent> I so cannot believe I am going to be another year older. Gosh, how many times can a person turn 21 before God figures out that they don’t want to age anymore? </tangent>

- I didn’t participate in Aprils FFAF, but I will hopefully be participating in May’s

I think that’s it for now.