I literally just added a new blog to my BlogExplosion account and not 2 minutes later I get an approval email. Now that’s what I call steppin’ up the service.

And to think, not too long ago they were experiencing some major lag on the blog approval turn around time, and I wasn’t the only one noticing.

Good job BE – way to be :)

And yes, I’ve added a new blog to my little blog family (hmmm…maybe I should start an indie blog network myself) – it’s called Oh The Drama and I launched it because I watch entirely too much t.v. and I really do have this weird obsession with commercials. If I can find any other bloggers with my same weird obsession, I may just invite them to write there too.

The writing style is a little different than the insanity, but hopefully you won’t find it too course or turn-offish. I’m not as nice on that blog cuz there are just some commercials that plain suck and deserve a good thrashing :|