When I read about Paul’s situation a few days ago, my heart sank. Although I’ve never met him in person, he’s a straight up guy and very caring. To hear that he may have to sell off his blog network (which I personally know to be his baby) left me absolutely speechless.

After the news launched, I pondered for an entire day what I could possibly say to help him or what I could possibly offer or any insight, but nothing seemed quite right. But as I watched his blog fill up with comments and offers to help, the power of the blogosphere started showing itself before my eyes. Watching this actually inspired me to work harder, do more, and help more.

Now, Paul has a plan and a whole slew of people backing him, urging him to succeed where he once felt he could not – it’s empowering and heart warming to say the least. Watching this actually reminded me about one of the entries on my other blog – who have you helped today?

I wish you lots and lots of success Paul, you certainly deserve it. And remember, obstacles are those dreadful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals – focus only on your success and even when you cannot see the path laid out ahead of you, know that it is there and what you want will be waiting for you.