Folders and Filters Are Your Friends

Just because your email addresses are all separated doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use folders and filters. They can definitely be a wonderful organization tool when used properly.

A great example would be if you have an email address set up exclusively for your newsletter subscriptions (which I highly recommend), create a new folder for each individual newsletter and create a filter to send the messages automatically to that folder. When you receive your newsletter issues, you can see at a glance which newsletter it is and decide whether you should read it at that moment or save it until later.

Set Thunderbird Folders and Filters

NOTE: Creating a filter can be as easy as opening up an email message and selecting “create new filter from message”.

Create Filter From Message

NOTE: The best way to use this system to its fullest potential is to stay on the ball with creating new folders and filters whenever necessary. If you subscribe to a new newsletter or know you’ll be receiving messages from a source you want filtered away from your inbox messages, create the folder and filter before you start receiving an influx of email from them.

Prioritizing what you read becomes infinitely easier when you can see at-a-glance what is sitting in your inbox.

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