Pretty-fying Thunderbird

We’re almost done. Now that you’ve got Thunderbird set up just the way you like, why not go ahead and make it look pretty?

Firefox has a lot more themes than Thunderbird, however, there are some nice ones out there (my personal favorite is Cross Over) and for those of you who miss Outlook Express, there is a theme that will set your heart at ease.

Thunderbird Cross Over Theme Preview

Aside from changing the actual theme of your email app, you can also change the start page you see when Thunderbird opens up to just about anything you want – I personally use a script I developed to randomly deliver a website out of a list I provide. When I get around to cleaning it up, I may just release it for general use.

That’s about it for now – if you have any other tips for using Thunderbird to its fullest potential, I’d love to hear it.

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