Yea, so my real birthday kind of bit. But that’s okay because today was pretty cool.

My sisters kidnapped me and they both refused to tell me where we were going. We ended up in a small little shoe store called Cinderella shoes and I thought that it had to be a joke (I’m not that fond of shoes and there were at least a million other things I would have rather been doing than shoe shopping).

Anyhoo, it turns out they wanted to get me handbag like theirs…well, that was their plan until I said off handedly “why in the world do you want to buy another one of those ugly ass bags?”(this was before I knew they were trying to pick one out for me under my nose…).

While they decided against the handbag for me, they did find some handbags for themselves and at the checkout, I asked the clerk – “Is Arabic a hard language to learn?” and that started a quick conversion on language.

He asked what my name was and I told him, then he spelled it out in Arabic for me. He then went on to explain that some phrases in Arabic are said backwards, for instance “Pretty girl would be said as girl pretty” (I didn’t realize this at the time, but I think he was flirting with me — damn I’m really slow). I said I understood because French had a similar way of phrasing their sentences. This is my name in Arabic:
Teli in Arabic

Now, you’d think that would have been the end of it, but nope — dude whipped out some cookies he got straight from his mum and offered us some :D . Gosh I like being friendly, it gets your name written out in Arabic, and free lesson and free cookies (and they were pretty yummy too).

On the way to lunch, they dropped me off in front of Sam Ash (after much pleading) so I could take a quick look around. I asked the first store employee I saw for help and he hooked me up with my first guitar. I told him to hold it while I ran over to the restaurant and informed my sister that she just purchased my birthday gift – yippee, I am now the proud owner of a beginner’s Yamaha Standard acoustic guitar.

Today was definitely a cool day – much cooler than my actual birthday.