And The Goodies Just Keep Coming

Well, I finally finished up the Teli Design Studio (sort of…there’s still a lot of work to be done) and I’m shifting gears for my design business. My current design site will be redesigned and re-purposed.

But those aren’t the goodies I’m referring to, I’m talking about the gems I have as clients – no, really, they’re all awesome (less one, but I don’t want to waste the energy on that subject).

I’ve read about so many rants from designers who have clients from The Pit of Darkness (and don’t worry, I’ve been there myself) – but for the most part 99% of the clients I take on are amazing…not just as clients, but as people.

I am absolutely blown away and I had to take a step back today and acknowledge this wonderful fact – so, if you are reading this and I’ve ever done any work for you – thank you for being an awesome client :) .

Okay, that’s it for today – I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading…

God Bless The Internet…

Well, I just got the best surprise a person could get last night – an email. Not just any email, an email from someone I have not spoken to in nearly 13 years. An email from the person who I called my bestest friend in the whole widest world.

What makes this email even more weird is the fact that not 30 minutes before I received it, I had thought about her and her sister. I thought about their birthdays coming up soon and that I didn’t have a way to get in touch with them. Then while checking my email, I did a double take because I wasn’t sure if it was my mind playing tricks on me.

Now, just to say she was my best friend is an understatement. Her family treated me as one of their own (her mom even assigned me chores and introduced me to the awesomeness that is chocolate chip pancakes). She and her family helped take care of me at one of the worst possible times in my life. My father thought of her as his own daughter and it absolutely broke my heart when I had to move away.

I never forgot her. In a world of phony people and fake smiles, she was one of the best people and to say I missed her wouldn’t be enough. Just in case she’s reading my blog – thank you for doing a ‘totally random Google search’ and thank goodness I have a really unique name :) .

Tom remembers when

he got the first comment on his blog that wasnt from someone he knew personally, and wasn’t from someone he’d told about it. It was about six months after I started messing around with this sort of thing, and about 2 months after I’d given up on all of the stupid ideas I’d had with other systems in order to try WordPress. The joy I felt when I saw that comment and followed it to someone else’s blog was amazing. :) I still get a little excited when someone new finds my site and takes the time to say a few words, as long as they’re not talking about their free online casino, where phentermine and viagra flow from the drinking fountains and mortgage loans are only a click away.

Oh, and if I were a Teen Titan, I’d want to be Robin, but I’m really more like Cyborg. :)

If I Were a Teen Titan…

…I would so want to be Raven. She has that mystique about her. She’s fantastic, but that shows how much I need to get out more, I suppose…hmm before dig myself in any deeper, bye! and thanks Teli.

Phill – It’s all go at blackheart

And It’s Another Free For All

My blog is now open for pimping :) . I know I’m opening my blog up a little early, but if I didn’t do it tonight, I prolly wouldn’t get to it until late tomorrow…so instead of making the same mistake as last time, and without further adieu, here’s the skinny:

You are free to login and post to my blog…that’s about it, oh yea, the rules:
1) Please do not promote any hate related or other negative type sites while you’re pimping stuff on my blog;
2) I reserve the right to moderate, edit or delete any entries which violate rule #1 at my sole discretion

How to post to my blog:
1) Go to
2) If you have an account already, use your login info, if not use the following login and password: FFAF/free
3) You will be redirected to the “Dashboard? – click on “Write?
4) In the categories box on the right, make sure there is a check mark next to “It’s A Free For All?
5) Type a title in the “Title? field and type whatever you want in the “Post? field.
6) When you’re done, hit the “Publish? button

If you’re feeling uninspired, here’s a few topics to choose from:
1) In an alternate reality, I…
2) I remember when…
3) If I were a Teen Titan, I’d be…

Have Fun!

P.S. This post is a sticky and will remain at the top of the page until FFAF is over. finish reading »

You Know It’s Really Bad When…

You call to order a pizza and the guy on the other end says…

“Okay, let’s see where you’re at…oh I remember you, hey Teli…it’s Barry, should I get your usual?”

I think I need to start changing it up some, but dammit if I don’t feel like cooking when I’m in my design groove. I knew I should have opted for Chinese, I know they can’t call me a regular…

Since When Is Hail A Normal Condition For South Florida?

As I sit here catching up on my work, it begins to rain – no big, it’s Florida, it rains often here…but the rain sounds a little odd. I get up to check outside and wouldn’t you know it…it’s hailing! Not little bits of hail either, huge chunks of ice raining down from the sky in “sunny” So. Florida…damn, I think Armageddon is nearing.

Realizing The Depth of My Geekocity

Instead of picking up the long neglected Stephen King novel I’ve been meaning to finish for 6 months now, my bedtime reading consists of PHP and MySQL manuals.

Instead of asking for diamonds or emeralds for my birthday, I asked for nifty gadgets & books…on…wait for it…PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, Advertising & Marketing.

A friend had an extra book on Visual Basic Design Patterns and I got excited when he said I could have it. I got jealous because he did not get an extra book on Windows Scripting (I really am seriously wanting to learn a programming language, other than PHP…but where to find the time).

I now dream in CSS/XHTML on a regular basis and more recently, in PHP:
if(empty($fridge)) {echo ‘<p>Make grocery list</p>’;} else {echo ‘<p>Make dinner, call Diana</p>’;}

See, back in my normal life — many years ago — I enjoyed reading books that didn’t feature variables and if/else statements as their main plot points. I dreamt of sexy men and fast cars.

I fear I am no longer only a semi-geek, but I am strong in faith that I will be able to think about something other than coding/design/computer this weekend (heaven help me).

And I am strong in faith that this is only a phase and I will once again begin to speak English — you know, the English without any terms such as meta, tag, selector, attribute, syntax error, “damn computer”, “IE you f’in’ piece of shhhh…”, etc. <sigh>

Since When Does PayPal Have A Newsletter?

I just checked my inbox and what do you know…I’m now receiving the PayPal newsletter. In the years that I’ve been with PayPal, I never once received a newsletter and now they’re sending me one like it’s nothing new to them…

And I quote…”Here’s what you’ll find in this month’s newsletter” — did I totally miss something, they say that like they’ve always had a newsletter. No welcome to our first issue or nothing like that. Guess they just wanted to jump right in, maybe no one would notice the “new” newsletter.

I would have preferred they kept the online bill pay…

It’s Not All About Money, It’s About Time

It has become painfully obvious to me that a lot of people in this world revolve around money. Hey, I am not against that in the least (I like money), however, for me — it’s not all about the money, it’s about time. More specifically – my time.

I place a great deal of value on my time because I understand that time is the most precious commodity that we have, period. I have to admit that I’ve been quite fortunate thus far, but there have been the occasional few that didn’t value my time and had the “I am the only person who exists in your world” complex. I’ve also had the occasional few who thought I was their personal <insert whatever here> for an indefinite period of time without so much as a please or thank you.

And, no, I’m not righteous. I have been guilty a time or two myself, but I do try my hardest to be gracious when someone is giving of oneself – and by golly I am not about to make extra demands upon them when they’re doing me a favor (that whole – you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar thing…).

Over the last few years, I’ve learned quite a bit about myself and people. I learned that if you don’t value your time, no one else will. I learned that many people will infinitely try to get “something for nothing” if you let them — even if that something is your time. I also learned that ‘no’ is not just a vocab word and you need to trust your gut a lot more.

There are still a number of things I need to (and am still) learning, but for now I just wanted to say — it’s okay to be nice and help whenever you can, but remember that our time is the most valuable thing we have (yes, even more valuable than money).