Instead of picking up the long neglected Stephen King novel I’ve been meaning to finish for 6 months now, my bedtime reading consists of PHP and MySQL manuals.

Instead of asking for diamonds or emeralds for my birthday, I asked for nifty gadgets & books…on…wait for it…PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, Advertising & Marketing.

A friend had an extra book on Visual Basic Design Patterns and I got excited when he said I could have it. I got jealous because he did not get an extra book on Windows Scripting (I really am seriously wanting to learn a programming language, other than PHP…but where to find the time).

I now dream in CSS/XHTML on a regular basis and more recently, in PHP:
if(empty($fridge)) {echo ‘<p>Make grocery list</p>’;} else {echo ‘<p>Make dinner, call Diana</p>’;}

See, back in my normal life — many years ago — I enjoyed reading books that didn’t feature variables and if/else statements as their main plot points. I dreamt of sexy men and fast cars.

I fear I am no longer only a semi-geek, but I am strong in faith that I will be able to think about something other than coding/design/computer this weekend (heaven help me).

And I am strong in faith that this is only a phase and I will once again begin to speak English — you know, the English without any terms such as meta, tag, selector, attribute, syntax error, “damn computer”, “IE you f’in’ piece of shhhh…”, etc. <sigh>