I need to blog here more often. I’m sure my semi-loyal readership is ready to unsubscribe from my feed and leave my blog to the wayside…but I assure you, I am alive and well – just swamped.

I have been working on another project and I am working very hard on my other websites – I won’t disclose the number, but let’s just leave it at a lot and that eats up huge chunks of my time.

Although I have a schedule and plan mapped out – it’s never as easy to follow as it looks on paper and between clients, my own websites, and my upcoming project – my personal blogs are being seriously neglected.

Hopefully that will change within the next few months…I should have all my clients and personal projects squared away before then. I’m also planning a short vacation, but that has yet to be solidified.

Well, seeing as how it’s the wee hours of the morning and I have yet another contractor coming to my home to give me an estimate for my bathroom tomorrow (thank goodness I scheduled afternoon) – I should at least try to go to sleep now…