Since I’ve been working my way down the FFAF blog roll, my brain is starting to die on topics. Thank goodness teli left some topics. PHEW.

If you could only pick one, would you rather be a sea creature or a bird – why?
A bird. I would have to say a bird just because you get to fly. That’s something I’ve always wanted to be able to do. Just fly, under my own power, to wherever I need to be. So free and utterly unfettered. ::sighs::

To be specific, I’d be a phoenix. A phoenix never truly dies. A new one arises from the ashes of the old one. Immortality. Woohooo. That would be nice, since I have days where I flip out about death. Yeah. It’s part of the cycle, but who wants it to come so soon? (=

Anyway. A phoenix. I get to fly AND be immortal. Life would be pretty darn good.

By Barbara of Burning Evanescence