Katrina Blog For Relief Day

Sept 1 is blog for relief day to assist the survivors.

I’m left without t.v. until Sunday, so I am getting my news from the internet. If you haven’t heard yet, there are people being rescued from their roof tops.

Hurricane Katrina survivors being rescued from roof top
[img found via Frugal For Life]

I admit it, I cried when I saw that. Here I am complaining because a tree fell on my neighbor’s home and I couldn’t watch my stories on Sunday when people are in serious trouble.

I’ve already donated to the American Red Cross and from now through Sept 30, 2005 will donate $10 from each of my ebook sales.

Please, find it in your heart to help those whose lives have been torn apart by hurricane Katrina.

There are people who don’t know where all of their family members are, there have been people swept away by the flooding, and every one of these people are dire need of help.

If you can’t afford to donate money – no one will be mad at you, but they are also in need of clothes, food, and water.

Every. Little. Bit. Helps. If you need an even bigger incentive, there are some major karma points in it for you.

I have Angela to thank for wising me up to this. I would also like to throw a little linky love to Glenn’s roundup post and for the first time ever (at least on this blog), throw in a couple technorati tags for flood aid and hurricane katrina.

And Here I Thought Yahoo! Was Just Ignoring Me

But it turns out, they may have just been super busy going through all the applications :D .

I just received notification that I’ve been accepted into the beta Yahoo! Publisher Network and have finished signing up.

I’ll definitely be testing their ads and comparing them to my returns on Google AdSense. After reading what Scrivs had to say, it definitely made me raise an eyebrow :) .

I know that mileage may vary, so I want to see for myself what the verdict will be…oh, I’m so excited.

Feels Pretty Good To Get A Monkey Off Your Back

Well, I feel great. I really really do. I honestly think it has to do a great deal with getting this monkey off my back :D .

Now I can shift my focus back to where it truly belongs. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day perfecting my pimp walk …

Hurricane Katrina Continues On A Rampage

I am still without satellite t.v. so can’t really follow the news, but I just heard through a few groups and searching for information online that hurricane Katrina just won’t die…quite the opposite actually – it’s up to a category 5 hurricane (REALLY SCARY) and is on a beeline path for Louisiana/Mississippi.

I was lucky…when Katrina hit here it was only a category 1 hurricane. I came through safe and sound with only a couple days without power, no satellite, and the near onset of cabin fever…but at least I still have a home, a car, and things are starting to get back to normal.

I just hope the folks up north are so lucky. My prayers are certainly with them.

Hurricane Katrina Update

Well, it would seem I’ve survived yet another hurricane. My family and I are all okay, but I have some good news and some bad news to report. I know most people prefer the bad news first, but I’m not most people…

Good News: The massive (~30ft) tree in my backyard did not fall on my house
Bad News: It fell on my three neighbors’ homes (yes, the tree was that big)

Good News: I got to spend a few magical evenings by candle light cuddled up with a good book
Bad News: I was without electricity for ~43 hours

Good News: My car was undamaged by the event
Bad News: Most of the roadways are blocked, thus making travel futile

Good News: There wasn’t too much damage control/client relations to deal with when I did get back online
Bad News: There always has to be one

Throughout the event, I also made some stunning observations.

  • Yes, you can be addicted to the internet and withdrawal is a cruel mistress
  • Cold showers are not as fun as they would lead you to believe on t.v.
  • After about 24 hours with no electricity, you begin to dream you have electricity
  • After about 36 hours of eating cold food out of a can and wondering when your next warm shower would be, you begin to feel like a hobo in your own home.
  • After about 42 hours without electricity, your mind begins to wonder if electricity even existed in the first place or if it was all just an elaborate conspiracy
  • After your electricity finally comes back on, you instinctively run out into the street asking all the other clueless looking people if their electricity came back on too as if it was the most magical event ever*

My helpful advice? Get. Camping. Equipment. You may not need the tent, unless you really want to make it an adventure, though.

FFAF seems to have been a smash while I was away – thank you Barbara, Tracy, Phill, Owen, Bonnie, and ProPAIN! for taking such good care of my blog while I was unavailable.

Now, I’m just going to get things back in order around here, clean up some debris, find out why I still don’t have satellite service, and then it will be business as usual.

* I didn’t actually run out into the street, but I watched a few of my neighbors do so – instead, I took the hottest shower I could stand and ordered Cheesy Bread.

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Hurricanes are a rarity where I live. It’s due to the fact that I live so far north in the US. By the time the hurricanes reach me, they are usually barely thunderstorms. Tropical Storms and whatnot.

The last one I recall was Hurrican Irene. I think that was the one. Hrmmm. Three falls ago? (Counting this coming fall.) I went out just as she was starting. Like – out in my car. Driving. It was really interesting to do. The rain had not started, it was somewhat windy, and seriously overcast. But the entire area had utterly flipped out. No one was out. Stores were empty. Some places were closed. I was in shock. I had gone out with a friend to get some food. The place where we wanted to eat – a large, national chain mind you – was closed. Shocking. Closed? I do not live in the boondocks. I live outside a major northern east coast city.

Once the storm actually started, it was a wonder to behold. I loved it. Of course, I love storms. More than enamored. Mmm. But – anyway. The storm did not knock out the power to my apartment building for more than a couple hours, really. But – it did get me out of work for an entire week. The school had no power. ::grins::

The whole area just had no idea what to do with itself due to the hurricane. A bunch of wind and rain – and it was worse than snow. It was quite enlightening to see how people reacted to the unusual weather.

So – that’s my story of the most recent hurricane here. Weird.
This bit of bizarreness brought to you by Barbara of Burning Evanescence.

look… chickens

hello everyone. my name is tracy, and i own everymoment.org.

i’m sure many people share the feeling of frustration when you run into someone that you know looks really familiar.. but you can’t figure out where you know that person from. well this happened to me yesterday. and the strange thing about it was that i am around 5.5 hours away from my home. (i live in milwaukee, and i am staying in minneapolis right now) and the guy was a customer at the apple store that i was visiting (in order to check email and get directions). and then the fact that the guy was a youth pastor from CHICAGO made the story even weirder.

weird eh?

anyways. thanks for reading my random brain leakage. feel free to stop over at everymoment.org and share some of your own brain spewage over there. :-P

Bah! Wind!

I don’t know what it’s like to be in the full force of a hurricane. We get teh leftovers around these parts, but not too often.

Last year, the hurricane remnants came through and turned my neighborhood into an island, but this was an unusual circumstance.

Recently however, there was a day with unusually strong gusts of wind that blew down my next-door neighbor’s huge tree. It landed on her roof. The damage wasn’t extensive, but significant enough to warrant repairs. Of course, they had to remove the tree, and now my yard is in the sun during the morning, which is an interesting twist to get used to after having lived there for so long with the shade, but bad for my lawn.

I hope everyone weathers the hurricane safely. This site isn’t the first FFAFer to allude to the dnagers of impenting hurricanes.

Come FFAF at Asymptomatic!

It’s all in a name

I’ve never been through a hurricane, but strolled on in during the aftermath. I was on my way to visit a bene-friend when the hurricane that I share a name with did its damage. I arrived just in time to experience four days of total seclusion. I wasn’t complaining.

~ Bonnie