I have always enjoyed thinking, analyzing, understanding everything — however, as I’ve grown and evolved, I find much of my time is consumed by miscellaneous geekery and various other life topics I’d just as soon not think about.

As I was going through some of my old notes for my new project (www.leftovernotes.com – nothing there yet), I came across some of my old African American Studies papers and one of the comments caught my eye — this was the first real paper I had to turn in for the class and written on the bottom was:

“Indeed — Grad work. I’m impressed with the depth of thought. Now let’s work on persuasive techniques.”

I later learned I had received the highest grade in the class and that was amazing for a lowly freshman like myself to see from “one of the hardest professors in the entire university” (I remember quivering like a leaf on the first day).

Reading that report and her comments made me question what happened to my ‘deep thoughts’. I’ve always been told I had a unique way at looking at things, but it seems that my unique way is starting to blend in with the masses.

I’m starting to think it’s true – if you don’t use it, you lose it. My new goal is to shift my priorities. I will challenge myself to look at something differently each day and I will challenge myself to pick up a pen and write as well.

Writing was one of the few talents I had, I sure as hell don’t want to lose it — I just wish I had nurtured it far more than I have…