Yes, you read that correctly – FFAF is now a weekend long event on Mild Insanity. It’s penance for my late start today – I’ve already added a “FFAF automatically open the blog up” script to my already far too long to do list.

Anyway, moving along – if you’re feeling stumped for topics, you are welcome to take one of the ideas below and run with it:
Today’s teenagers are ____________
One time I got my finger stuck in ________and _______
There are a lot of creative uses for Cheerios, like _________

Rules & Terms:
1) Please do not promote any hate related or other negative type sites while you’re pimping stuff on my blog.
2) I reserve the right to moderate, edit or delete any entries which violate rule #1 at my sole discretion.

**This post will remain at the top until FFAF is over**

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How to post to the blog:
1a) Register for an account
1) Go to
2) If you registered and have an account, use your login info, if not use the following login and password: FFAF/free
3) You will be redirected to the “Dashboard? – click on “Write?
4) In the categories box on the right, make sure there is a check mark next to “It’s A Free For All?
5) Type a title in the “Title? field and type whatever you want in the “Post? field.
6) When you’re done, hit the “Publish? button

If you don’t have a topic in mind, why not tell us if you’ve been through a hurricane before and what the experience was like (if not, tell us what you’d expect it to be like)…

Don’t forget to have a look at what the participants are writing – It’s A Free For All

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