I’m feeling greedy today, so I thought I would try all Teli’s ideas :p
Today’s teenagers are nursing hangovers
Okay, it’s not true. I’m not nursing a hangover…but I was a good boy, I had one malibu and coke and a smirnoff ice, and that was it. My friends’, sister leaves for uni tomorrow, I knew her quite well, but anyway, last night was her leaving party. We all managed to dance like idiots and make fools of ourselves. Although I know there was at least one person with a hangover this morning, for certain :p

One time I got my finger stuck in a door and it hurt
That one needs no explaining, and safe to say it was a very heavy door, with one of those self-closing chains, which didn’t help *winces*

There are a lot of creative uses for Cheerios, like _________
I’m afraid you’ve got me stumped. There are no creative uses for Cheerios, in fact there are no uses for Cheerios, they go soggy too darned quickly!

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