Teli’s Current Status

Teli and her family are doing well in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma. Unfortunately Teli has been informed that her power will not be restored for 4-6 weeks due to the damage incurred to her area. She does at least however have running water again and now has plenty of time to bond with her neighbors. As soon as electricity is restored and she is able to come back online she will be doing her best to back into matters. Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding in this matter. Please feel free to express your best wishes and thoughts and I will relay them on to Teli for you.

Teli Status Update

Hurricane Wilma has recently made its path through southern Florida and in its wake has managed to knock out the power in Teli’s area along with part of her home. I have spoken recently to her and she and her family are all safe and sound. Their homes and their communities have had better moments though. Seeing as how Teli is without power and no clear projection from her power company has been made yet I can only speculate that power should be restored for her in the following few days to a week. This means that all projects projects have been postponed due to circumstances and will be rescheduled. She is terribly sorry for any delay and inconvience this may cause. If you would like to contact Teli you may still email her; however, she not be able to read your email nor respond to you immediately.

How Not To Deal With People

Normally I don’t mention names in my blog entries, but this time it warrants it. A while I ago, I was contacted by someone at Networking One South Florida ( by the name of Don C. Meyer.

After some discussion about his websites being redesigned, he offered me a membership in his Network One South Florida and Dining Entertainment Club networking groups. About a week into it, I started receiving mailings for networking parties and requests to join his affiliate program for Networking One South Florida, Spring Break South Florida, and Dining Entertainment Club. I never utilized either because I became too busy and it seemed that Mr. Meyer couldn’t get himself situated.

Many times I just disregarded the messages, however, after about 3 months of being on the list, I found I had been subscribed to yet another list for a singles cruise and another from an adult club in south Florida. I didn’t catch it at the time, but Mr. Meyer used the ‘Cc’ field to send out his newsletter.

I only figured it out because one of the mailings looked suspiciously like his Networking One South Florida mailing list. So I checked the headers, and sure enough both of the new mailings were sent by people on Don C. Meyer’s email list.

I emailed Mr. Meyer to remove my email address from his newsletter twice before I went ahead and forwarded his message to AOL‘s abuse department and his response? He took a sarcastic tone and asked how he got my email address?

Because of his email list, my email address was exposed to over 100 other strangers (over 200 if you count the other email lists I found myself subscribed to), 2 (possibly more) were unscrupulous enough to mine it and place my personal email address on their mailing lists. And not surprisingly, the number of spam messages I received to the account increased.

In nearly 2 years, I barely received a total of 5 spam message (yes, in that entire two year time frame) – however, after being on Mr. Meyer’s email list, the number of spam increased to about 5 per day. That may not be much to some people, but it’s a large enough increase to be noticeable and it can easily be traced back to Don Meyer’s list.

After I responded and let Mr. Meyer know about the fact that he violated the email privacy of his entire list and that if someone requests to be removed, they should be promptly removed without question, he responded with:
You are unsubscribed. Get a life!

Polite huh? I would never, in a million years, take that tone with any of my clients or email list subscribers and if you run a website, email list, or business – you probably shouldn’t either.

I would never do business with someone like that or recommend them to anyone. So, take a lesson from Mr. Don C. Meyer, treat everyone you come across with respect.

At this point, I wish I’d never met Mr. Meyer or heard of Networking One South Florida, because it would mean I wouldn’t have any spam and I wouldn’t have to deal with rude people.

Okay, I’ve finished ranting. Thank you for listening. But am I wrong for being pissed?

I Got Riverdance!

I’ve been working all day today and finally decided to take a break – from that and all this hurricane hubbub.

There’s nothing quite like Riverdance to pick up a person’s spirits (yes, I admit it, I like Riverdance). I first saw it on Bravo a few years back and now finally have the DVD – yay.

Now, before any of you smirk or laugh, some of today’s hip hop dances and step moves were actually inspired by the traditional Irish dance (well, with a little more arm movement)…

Why Haven’t The Hurricanes Stopped?

My sister called me today and asked if I was prepared for the hurricane and I answered her with a very honest no. And I really don’t plan on “getting prepared” either.

I’ve resigned myself to the inevitability of these storms. I don’t know if I’m just disillusioned or whether I just firmly believe this particular hurricane won’t affect me, either way, my attitude is becoming quite melancholic.

I don’t want it to hit the gulf coast (which it most likely won’t), but I don’t want it to come here either. I just want it to go away. Somewhere nonexistent. Poof.

I wonder if this is what the end of days is like? Slowly we’re all wiped out with monumental environmental changes. I’ll stop before I drag you all down with me.

If anyone is in the path of Wilma, I wish you all well. Please be safe.

I have a sneaking suspicion

That tonight’s episode of OTH was sponsored by Apple. I don’t know exactly what gave it away, but I think it has something to do with the one sentence definition of a Podcast, “…can download and listen to it on their ipods.”

Well then. Last time I checked, a podcast was just an MP3 (or other comparable audio file format) that could be downloaded and listened to in any compatible music/MP3 player.

It’s interesting how times are changing I can’t even watch my favorite shows without hearing the word “blog” or “podcast” mentioned now, but a few months ago when I said “I’m blogging this” I’d be met with bewildered glances.

I guess it means I should bite the bullet and actually do a podcast (or rather, an audio blog entry – Apple did not sponsor this blog post.)

Aside from the small bit of geekery, I liked tonight’s episode and I offer you all my prediction: I think Whitey did it.

Snuck in there and set Dan on fire. To be quite honest, I was surprised Dan didn’t burst into flames when he set foot in the church in last week’s episode. I was honestly expecting him to and I would not have been surprised. I’ve always been taught that Lucifer couldn’t enter a church…and if Dan’s character is anything, it’s evil incarnate.

But as for who actually drugged him and set his dealership on fire – Whitey. Seriously. Either him or Karen‘s beau who we haven’t yet seen this season.

When I’m Feeling Down…

I take heart in the fact that no matter how famous you are or how much money you have, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have any fashion sense.

I promise you all that when I become uber wealthy and famous, I will not fire my fashion consultant*.

*I will not be held accountable for those times when it’s really really early in the morning and have to go outside for one reason or another and consider my pajamas and bedroom slippers appropriate clothing because I’m too damn lazy to put on actual clothes.

Because Once Upon A Time, I Thought I Could Write

It’s almost that time of year again. A time when I need to dust off my notebook and lick the tip of my pencil (why do people do that anyway?) – NaNoWriMo is here and I shall be participating. This time I may actually start…

I plan to blog my novel in hopes of garnering feedback as it progresses, but I won’t be blogging it here. I have a domain that’s just sitting in my namecheap account waiting to get used for something. It’s been sitting there for so long I think it’s mad at me.

That domain will have to stay mad at me a little longer because I’ve just registered a brand new domain name through Yahoo! it was only $2.99/yr. I went ahead and registered it for 5 years; it’s such a fitting name for this project.

My goal is to write at least 5-8 pages each day beginning Nov. 1. Each page will equal one post and if all goes well, it will become my official novel writing blog.

My idea for the novel is to use pictures to form the stories (you know what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words). Now, each of these pictures need to be vastly different and tell a story of their own. I’m hoping the pictures will spark some creativity for me.

I’ll write chapters of the novel based on a single picture and somehow tie each of the stories together in the finished novel. With that in mind, I’m probably going to need about 20-25 great pictures.

Don’t be too surprised if I start asking for pictorial submissions or links.

Best Damn Poem of All Time (or at least, one of them)

My sister snatched my book of poetry, The Hell With Love: Poems to Mend Broken Heart. I purchased the book a few years back when I broke up with my then boyfriend for, I think, the third time.

I read her the first poem of the book and that’s when I knew I would never see that book again. Ah well. Enjoy.

You Fit Into Me
by Margaret Artwood

you fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye

(obviously that poem’s from the “Rage” section)

Link Hopping and the Plight of Being Single

It’s amazing where link hopping can take you. I started at a post on Creating Passionate Users called Free Range Posts which lead me to a new blog called Alane By Day and then Build a Better Blog caught my eye from Alane’s blogroll.

I couldn’t resist clicking on the giant purple “Blog Squad to the Rescue” button which lead me to Smart at Love where a comment left by Priya Shaw piqued my interest.

I know Priya mostly from internet marketing and blogging related circles, so I was curious to see why she was commenting on a post called But he’s so fun. After reading the entry, I decided to visit her new website Single By Choice.

It reminded me of my current situation – single (yes, by choice). My sisters have been bugging me lately to settle down and have children or, at very least, start dating again. But, to be quite frank, I’m just not ready for it.

I say I’ll consider dating maybe sometime next year, but my sisters both say I shouldn’t try to “schedule” such things. Why not? Sure if Mr. Right showed up on my doorstep I’m not about to turn him away, but I’m also not going to put myself out there before I’m ready to. I’ve done that before and it didn’t work out well.

Right now I want to focus on my business and personal goals before I focus on affairs of the heart. I don’t plan to be a spinster all my life and would like to have children one day, I just don’t think that day will be today (or tomorrow). What is so wrong with wanting to be single anyway?