Update: Solution: Signing Up For iTunes With PayPal

I tried to set up an account with iTunes on Saturday so my nephew could download music to his new MP3 player.

Since it had an option to use PayPal, I decided I would go that route, too bad iTunes thought differently.

After six (6) unsuccessful attempts to complete the process, I finally e-mail their tech support. In detail, I explained exactly what was happening. I explained that I accepted their terms, and received the confirmation e-mail from PayPal, but Apple would not let me complete the process (i.e. enter my name and e-mail address) or create the account.

Well, after two days, the response I got from Apple’s support was to try what’s already listed in the FAQ or use another browser.

Well, here’s my open response to that e-mail:

Thank you Apple Representative, Jessica, for sending me a very long e-mail telling me to do exactly what I’ve been doing (unsuccessfully) and for not helping me with my problem at all. It shows you actually took the time to read my e-mail and to address the problem.

Of all the companies out there, I would expect Apple to support multiple browsers, especially Firefox, and if it’s the case that I need to switch my default browser to something else just to sign up for your service, then Apple really doesn’t deserve my business, now does it?

I’d just as soon go with Napster (which is what I did).