Sometimes I Don’t Like Being Nice

Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem, I don’t feel nice and loveable all the time.

Sometimes people upset me, make me angry, or just downright piss me off. Not often, but it happens.

Sorry for the mild vent.

Help Me Out Please

Teli's Cell Phone
I’m looking for a new cell phone. My current cell phone is getting up there in age, but I absolutely love it because it has a radio, GSM/GPRS enabled, allows me to compose my own ring tones, is tiny as hell, and I can change the cover depending on my mood.

I’ve always been a Nokia girl, and I’d like to keep it that way (unless the phone that meets all my requirements isn’t a Nokia).

So, please help me find a new phone.

Ideally, my new phone will:

  • Be very small and light weight (not a flip phone).
  • Have a radio, or at very least an MP3 player.
  • Have built in wireless capabilities.
  • Have a colour screen. (My current phone is still b/w.)
  • Have polyphonic ring tones.
  • Allow me to compose my own ring tones.
  • Allow me to set custom ring tones for individual callers.
  • Have an alarm.
  • Have vibrate capabilities (you’d be surprised how many cell phones don’t).
  • Customizable face plates.
  • Be unlocked.
  • Have a camera (totally optional, but would be nice).
  • Have awesome reception, anywhere and everywhere.
  • Have long battery life.
  • Be under $500.

(The bolded stuff is a must.)

Thank you in advance to any cell phone aficionados who may be able to help me.

So I Look Like Whitney Houston

That was the first thing our waiter said to me when he arrived at our table.

Whitney Houston? My initial reaction was before or after she was on crack? (Was she on crack when she did The Bodyguard?)

I can’t complain too much because 1) he was a hottie; 2) he was friendly; and 3) he was a good waiter and actually put up with us quite well. (And when I say “us”, I mean me and my inability to properly read a menu and promptly decide on what I want.)

We didn’t go to the other place (there is a God) and Chili’s ended up being our final destination for dinner.

Somehow, wherever we go, we manage to illicit openness from the wait staff. At Bahama Breeze, we had our waiter doing some spasmodic dance that looked like a standing seizure and last night we had our waiter showing us his stab wounds.

Any time all three of us go anywhere together, it’s like we have a gravitational field of comfort around us drawing people in or something. I personally think 80% of that gravitational field has to do with my sister being a hottie, but it can also be how we interact with each other.

It even extends beyond restaurants, too. At Disney World last year we somehow managed to get Mickey Mouse to hand over his gloves so I could help direct the parade. I really don’t think I could have pulled that one off had I been by myself.

It goes to show you that people really do respond well to love and silliness.

For the enquiring minds – though there was speak about “the pictures”, I quickly squashed any plots to embarrass me before they even started.

Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s the day of looooove. Go out and spread some.

Apparently, I have a dinner party back at the place to celebrate my sister’s step mom’s birthday. <sarcasm> oh…yay </sarcasm>

In other news, a very lovely bouquet of flowers arrived on my doorstep – despite my obvious lack of a boyfriend. (I’m not complaining, they smell really good.)

Thank you to whichever stranger thought kindly enough of me to send me some flowers :) .

Now, I shall leave you all with a loverly love poem to get you feeling all gooshie inside.

Love Not Me For Comely Grace
by Author Unknown

Love not me for comely grace,
For my pleasing eye nor face;
Nor for any outward part,
No, nor for a constant heart:
For these may fail or turn to ill,
So thou and I shall sever.
Keep, therefore, a true woman’s eye,
And love me still, but know not why;
So hast thou the same reason still
To doat upon me ever.

(10 second translation: love unconditionally.)

Now, one for the folks who mayhap been burned by love.

When I Was One-And-Twenty
by A. E. Housman

When I was one-and-twenty
I heard a wise man say,
“Give crowns and pounds and guineas
But not your heart away;
Give pearls away and rubies
But keep your fancy free.”
But I was one-and-twenty,
No use to talk to me.

When I was one-and-twenty
I heard him say again,
“The heart out of the bosom
Was never given in vain;
‘Tis paid with sighs a plenty
And sold for endless rue.”
And I am two-and-twenty,
And oh, ’tis true, ’tis true.

I’m a lover, not a fighter, but…

I just had to get this.
Golden Sword
Golden Sword

Yes, it’s a real sword. And it looks damn good on my entertainment center.

I may just need to look into kung fu lessons (they let you play with weapons).

Why I Don’t Publish My Physical Contact Information

I don’t publish my mailing address or phone number online.

Being asked, recently, why I don’t publish my address or phone number on my website (that coupled with Darren sharing his recent online ordeal), has prompted me to explain my decision a little more.

Men are psychotic. Okay, not all men. Just some of them, and they are out there, and they somehow manage to find me.

Last year, I was placed in a very precarious situation. Although this man claimed to be 2,000 miles away and only had my phone number, I still felt threatened to the point of absolute fear for my personal safety.

I made light of it, but in fact, it was very upsetting to deal with. I was afraid to close my eyes at night, and I forced my family to stay on the phone with me until I fell asleep, just in case.

He got my phone number from my website. Since the incident, I promptly removed all my contact information from all of my websites and I am careful who I give my personal information to.

I work from the comfort of my home, and I can’t deal with the stress of worrying who knows my address and what they plan to do with said address.

If someone wants to speak with me, and I feel at ease with their initial contact, then I will make an appointment to call them.

Maybe one day I will publish my contact information on my website again, but that day is not in the foreseeable future.