I don’t publish my mailing address or phone number online.

Being asked, recently, why I don’t publish my address or phone number on my website (that coupled with Darren sharing his recent online ordeal), has prompted me to explain my decision a little more.

Men are psychotic. Okay, not all men. Just some of them, and they are out there, and they somehow manage to find me.

Last year, I was placed in a very precarious situation. Although this man claimed to be 2,000 miles away and only had my phone number, I still felt threatened to the point of absolute fear for my personal safety.

I made light of it, but in fact, it was very upsetting to deal with. I was afraid to close my eyes at night, and I forced my family to stay on the phone with me until I fell asleep, just in case.

He got my phone number from my website. Since the incident, I promptly removed all my contact information from all of my websites and I am careful who I give my personal information to.

I work from the comfort of my home, and I can’t deal with the stress of worrying who knows my address and what they plan to do with said address.

If someone wants to speak with me, and I feel at ease with their initial contact, then I will make an appointment to call them.

Maybe one day I will publish my contact information on my website again, but that day is not in the foreseeable future.