Teli's Cell Phone
I’m looking for a new cell phone. My current cell phone is getting up there in age, but I absolutely love it because it has a radio, GSM/GPRS enabled, allows me to compose my own ring tones, is tiny as hell, and I can change the cover depending on my mood.

I’ve always been a Nokia girl, and I’d like to keep it that way (unless the phone that meets all my requirements isn’t a Nokia).

So, please help me find a new phone.

Ideally, my new phone will:

  • Be very small and light weight (not a flip phone).
  • Have a radio, or at very least an MP3 player.
  • Have built in wireless capabilities.
  • Have a colour screen. (My current phone is still b/w.)
  • Have polyphonic ring tones.
  • Allow me to compose my own ring tones.
  • Allow me to set custom ring tones for individual callers.
  • Have an alarm.
  • Have vibrate capabilities (you’d be surprised how many cell phones don’t).
  • Customizable face plates.
  • Be unlocked.
  • Have a camera (totally optional, but would be nice).
  • Have awesome reception, anywhere and everywhere.
  • Have long battery life.
  • Be under $500.

(The bolded stuff is a must.)

Thank you in advance to any cell phone aficionados who may be able to help me.