Better Than Being Able To Eat Sugar

There is something strangely, wonderfully, liberating about being able to eat as much sugar as you want.

It seems that all of your prayers worked because I got my test results back this morning and they were…interesting, to say the least.

My sister sounded so solemn when she called me. Immediate worry set in as I asked if I was going to die.

She told me no, but that my other sister was going to be very mad at me. When I asked why, she said because my sugar wasn’t high at all. In fact, it was too low.

The normal blood sugar range for someone in my age group is around 99ish, and mine was 38. After the shock wore off, I asked again if I was going to die or if I had some strange disease like hypoglycemia or something.

Luckily, the answer to both questions was no. It just means I need to eat more sugar. Seriously. YESSSSS!

Some other interesting facts, my cholesterol is very good (142), but then I’ve always had really good cholesterol. It’s gone up some, it only used to be 112. Oh, well. I’m still within a healthy range.

The only thing wrong with me healthwise is that I’m anemic, but that’s not news to me. The blood donation people always have to work some voodoo magic on my blood sample to make it look as though I have enough iron in my blood to donate :D .

Now I’m stuck taking iron supplements again. And not normal people supplements, either, like the 600% above normal dosage supplements. Bah.

It’s still a fair trade off for being able to eat more sugar. Woo and hoo.

Angry, Angry People

Cruising the blogosphere today, I came across a blog. Bad grammar, bad spelling, bad writing all around. I won’t link to it because frankly, it doesn’t even deserve a rel=”nofollow” link.

The bad grammar, spelling, or writing wasn’t what got me. 90% of the posts on the site were angry rants for no good reason. That’s what got me.

A blogger randomly calling a person he’d never met or heard of or even dealt with prior, an asshole. That was the general gist of each of the blog entries.

It got me thinking, what made this person so angry at the world at large? It’s an anonymous blog with no contact information or back story, so I can only assume he’s angry for no reason.

And his commenters? All just as angry and hateful as him for no apparent reason. But, every comment was a “yes” man type of comment. No variance what so ever. Like they were some type of cult following or something.

The one comment that went against his views was descended upon by the blog owner and other commenters like a flock of hungry vultures picking apart a long dead carcass (no wonder no one offers any other viewpoints there).

A psychiatrist may say that they’re just insecure and feeling inadequate, so they feel compelled to complain and degrade others to make themselves feel better. And I won’t lie, that’s exactly what it seems like to me.

Dear readers, if I should ever become that angry (yes, I know I have the occassional angry post, but they’re generally warranted), please shake me violently until I come to my senses.

The Blood’s Been Drawn

This morning I thought I was home free. For the past week, my sister has been forgetting about me and I’ve been loading up on sugar.

I look at it this way, if I’m diabetic, at least I’ll go out on a happy sugar high :) . Well, this morning, about five minutes before I was going to eat breakfast, she calls and says “I’ll be there in about five minutes.”

Silently crying to myself, I acknowledge that I haven’t eaten anything yet and that I’ll be waiting for her.

Boy, was it traumatizing! The tourniquet hurt like a bitch, and I’m near tears squeezing this little squishy thing and closing my eyes as tight as possible.

Somewhere in there, I remember mumbling, “I better not be diabetic after going through all of this.” And of course, she just laughed at me.

Then, when it was all over and I saw how much blood she drew, I nearly passed out. I looked her in the eyes and asked, “Aren’t you supposed to give me some cookies and juice now?”

Who knew that so much blood was required to do a simple little check, but I guess she said she’s going to do the works on me or something.

Say a small prayer for me :)

H&R Block Customer Service Bites

Because my nephew wanted to download some songs and had won an instant 10 song download from some H&R Block contest, I decided to be a nice aunt and redeem it for him.

After adding my information and submitting, I realized the e-mail address I used for my sister was one letter off before I hit submit – no big deal, or so I thought.

I called the number provided in the FAQ questions, I was transferred to someone who then told me they couldn’t help me who then transferred me back to the last person I was talking to, who then told me that it was software support who needed to provide me with the code…I’m dizzy thinking about it.

Let me just skip to the sixth and final person I spoke with. She had me go to the H&R block website, do a search so I could find the FAQ page (that I had just finished reading), so that I could go to the music store website just so she could tell me there was nothing she could do for me. Very literally.

Once she asked if I clicked on the link (to go to the music store website), and I told her yes, she then told me there was nothing else she could do. Did that make sense to you? Oh, it didn’t make sense to me either.

While we’re on the phone, the agent actually had the nerve to get rude with me and said “This is Tax Cut, we cannot help you.” She said it in a way that people would mock speak to a slow person.

Now, I didn’t know that customer service agents were supposed to be rude to their customers. Maybe I could understand it if I were asking a question about Tax Cut or whether Tax Cut could help me – but I didn’t.

So, I repeated my question, “Is there anyone at H&R Block – outside of the Tax Cut software customer service area who can help me?”

Her response? “Listen Ma’am, this is Tax Cut.” (blunt stop, it sounded like she actually spit when she said the last ‘t’ in Cut). “There is no one who can help you.”

Thank you H&R Block customer service agent for not a damn thing. Frankly, I’m glad my sister’s the one who filed her taxes with them and not me.

Well, Isn’t That Nice

So, I’m going through my list of comment spam (wasn’t too bad today, only had eight) and something caught my eye – a polite spammer who is willing to remove my blog from his list:

Name: GeneRic CIalIs

If you want your blog totaly off my list, email me with the address, and i’ll get to it as soon as possible.

Well, here’s a hint asshat, I didn’t ask to be on your list in the first place and I’m sure no one else you’ve spam did either.

Instead of spamming people to let them know they can be removed from your spam list, stop spamming.

By the way, chances are this guy is just harvesting e-mail addresses. The moment you send him notice to remove your blog from his spam list, he’ll probably add your valid and working e-mail address to another spam list (or sell it).

Damn Blogger Comment System

This is yet another post with a not so happy attitude, but for the most part, I feel fine – I just dislike Blogger*…a lot.

I really don’t understand why some bloggers who use Blogger require their commenters to sign up for a Blogger account to leave their thoughts.

Sure, comment spam is an epidemic that needs to be stopped, but making it a lot more difficult for users to communicate and share their thoughts with you is not necessarily the way to go about it.

Frankly, I don’t use Blogger. Why, then, would I need an account with them?

It’s like people who require their commenters to sign up with TypeKey* or register with the blog – here’s a hint – I already have more passwords than I care to remember, I don’t need yet another one.

Okay, done ranting. At least for now.

* I’m sure I signed up for an account with them a long…very very long…time ago, but it’s been so long that I neither remember my login ID or password, much less the e-mail address used for the sign up process. And no offense, no comment is worth that kind of stress. I’d rather just blog my response and tag it.

And Before I Forget…

I have a new blog tenant – (yes, look over to your the corner, a pretty picture has returned to the box).

This new blog tenant is called Kitchen Fun with Donna and Friends. This blog is yummy…since I’m on a diet, most of what’s written about over there, I cannot have…but it sure is nice to fantasize :D .

Visit, have fun, drool – and have some Milk Chocolate and Bourbon Truffles for me, please. I want to eat vicariously through you.


Rarely do you hear that from me, but today I am very thankful it’s Friday. I’ve felt like roadkill for much of the day and don’t really know what’s up. The symptoms include being extremely moody and a sick tummy…hopefully it’s nothing serious.

And a miracle happened – the bathroom contractor just called to let me know he can have a crew starting the job on Monday and since it’s only a 4-5 day job, then it should be completed by the time I leave for Tahoe (yay). Now…to find a babysitter for my little kitty who is probably going to be very mad at me whenever she does get to see me in April.

Aside from that small miracle, I unfortunately did not get everything I set out to accomplish done today and I will need to take the weekend off (I think that’s why I’m especially glad it’s Friday LOL).

I plan on calling it a day in the next few minutes so I can go get my work out on, then get some rest and then prepare for my two upcoming trips…

So much to do, so little time.

The Ultimate In Inconvenience And Why I Wouldn’t Make A Good Travel Agent

April is shaping up to be a busy month in terms of travel for me.

I just spent the last 5 and a half hours booking a trip for me and my sisters.

Well, that’s just the one sentence run down, but it really went something along the lines of: my oldest sister called me this morning and mentioned that she and my other sister were going to Tahoe for five days (I believe her motives were to get me to watch my nephew), then I pouted and asked why they were going on vacation without me, so, feeling a little bad, we decided I should come along.

When my oldest sister told my other sister about the new plans, she thought I was just trying to get out of watching my nephew, but that wasn’t the case at all.

I really would love to go back to NV and see how things have changed since I was last there, and I would really love to reconnect with Kim (formerly known as Kimmy, but she doesn’t like when people call her that).

And plus, when all three of us go anywhere together, we always have tons of fun. But what really convinced my sister was my telling her something that my oldest sister forgot to mention: for three out of the five days, she would be at a medical convention and my other sister would be left alone to fend for herself.

That quickly changed her mind about me coming.

After the trip was finalized, we realized we overlooked a few details. I’m supposed to be getting my bathroom redone starting at the end of next week, and I need someone to watch my cat. We figured we’d leave my nephew with the grandparents, but then we changed our minds.

We decided that he should come along. Then we decided, it should be a surprise for his birthday (which falls half way through our trip). And so began the horror of travel booking.

Since the flight/hotel were booked through Travelocity, I decided I’d call them to see if we could add my nephew to the itinerary.

God in heaven, their phone system sucks. It’s one of those things where you have to say what you want. They don’t even give you the option of pressing numbers.

And then, when you say something, the only response you get is, “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that. Can you please repeat?” which means I’m yelling at the top of my lungs into the phone, causing my neighbors to think I’m having an argument with myself.

Finally, I got fed up and just started pressing 0 until the system got tired of listening to “booooooop” and put me through to a human.

The human, though he was friendly, was not much of a great help. We couldn’t add my nephew to the itinerary, but we could cancel the entire trip and start over. He neglected to mention the cancellation fee until we were just about to hang up.

He then suggested that we just call the airline directly to see if we could get him on a regular ticket on our flight – no problem, but he kept telling us we’d only need to contact Delta. I asked about the return flight because it was with a different airline, and he said – nope, just call Delta, they’ll work everything out for you.

Wrong! So, after chatting with the nice lady from Delta, I find out that we’d need to book a one-way trip, then I’d need to call the other airline and book a one-way return trip through them (if they had any seats available). Very nice.

So, when all was said and done, I finally got him a ticket and he’s scheduled to leave with us in the beginning of April.

My oldest sister is going to schmooze her dad and step mom into watching my house, cat, and bathroom remodeling men while I’m gone.

Now, it’s time for a nap.

Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Well, I’ve finally recovered from the flu, though I still have a few sniffles.

Been working to get myself caught up with everything that was delayed and let me tell you, it’s not been easy. But, I’m a trooper.

In other news, I’ve decided that I’m going to Boston in April (if you’re going to be there and want to meet up, lemme know).

This time around I may actually get a new bathroom :D . The contractor claims he can begin late next week, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Here’s to hoping he’s much better than the previous dude.

Got some terrible news yesterday. My sister is a diabetic and luckily we caught it before it became any worse. She lost 15 pounds in a week. She’s already a twig to begin with…now she looks like a crack baby. A pretty crack baby, but a crack baby nonetheless. And no, she doesn’t do crack.

My other sister is now forcing me to get checked for diabetes and I’m scared crapless because I really REALLY love sugar. I even listed it as one of my favorite dishes. Being a diabetic is not conducive to my sugar consumption.

But, she’s coming over tomorrow morning to draw my blood and whatnot and I’m praying that I come back negative.

So, let’s look at some quick stats – mom/dad, diabetes, check. Two aunts, an uncle, diabetes, check. Two grandmothers, diabetes, check. Sister (borderline), other sister (full blown), diabetes, check. Er…we seeing a trend here? Something tells me my odds aren’t looking too good, but I can still pray…really hard.

I believe that’s all for now – I think. I’m pretty sure my brain didn’t wake up when my body did this morning, so it’s likely I’m forgetting something.