Rarely do you hear that from me, but today I am very thankful it’s Friday. I’ve felt like roadkill for much of the day and don’t really know what’s up. The symptoms include being extremely moody and a sick tummy…hopefully it’s nothing serious.

And a miracle happened – the bathroom contractor just called to let me know he can have a crew starting the job on Monday and since it’s only a 4-5 day job, then it should be completed by the time I leave for Tahoe (yay). Now…to find a babysitter for my little kitty who is probably going to be very mad at me whenever she does get to see me in April.

Aside from that small miracle, I unfortunately did not get everything I set out to accomplish done today and I will need to take the weekend off (I think that’s why I’m especially glad it’s Friday LOL).

I plan on calling it a day in the next few minutes so I can go get my work out on, then get some rest and then prepare for my two upcoming trips…

So much to do, so little time.