There is something strangely, wonderfully, liberating about being able to eat as much sugar as you want.

It seems that all of your prayers worked because I got my test results back this morning and they were…interesting, to say the least.

My sister sounded so solemn when she called me. Immediate worry set in as I asked if I was going to die.

She told me no, but that my other sister was going to be very mad at me. When I asked why, she said because my sugar wasn’t high at all. In fact, it was too low.

The normal blood sugar range for someone in my age group is around 99ish, and mine was 38. After the shock wore off, I asked again if I was going to die or if I had some strange disease like hypoglycemia or something.

Luckily, the answer to both questions was no. It just means I need to eat more sugar. Seriously. YESSSSS!

Some other interesting facts, my cholesterol is very good (142), but then I’ve always had really good cholesterol. It’s gone up some, it only used to be 112. Oh, well. I’m still within a healthy range.

The only thing wrong with me healthwise is that I’m anemic, but that’s not news to me. The blood donation people always have to work some voodoo magic on my blood sample to make it look as though I have enough iron in my blood to donate :D .

Now I’m stuck taking iron supplements again. And not normal people supplements, either, like the 600% above normal dosage supplements. Bah.

It’s still a fair trade off for being able to eat more sugar. Woo and hoo.