The Word Blog

The word blog has been tainted because I heard Hilary Duff use it in a sentence and it just sounded…wrong and vile. Maybe I’m just getting old or something.

(FWIW, I have nothing against Hilary Duff — though I’m not very fond of her voice.)

I’m All For Outsourcing… (Or, Why Quicken Customer Support Sucks)

But what happens when language barriers get in the way?

I just hopped off the phone with two Quicken representatives and it was one of the most asinine customer support conversations I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with. The two people I spoke with couldn’t fully understand or comprehend what I was saying although I tried to explain the problem in five different ways (literally) and I could barely understand them with the heavy accent.

The second person I spoke with, who happened to be the floor manager, was actually being coached from someone in the background (who sounded suspiciously like the first gentleman I spoke with). Everything she said to me was whispered by the guy (like I couldn’t hear him) beforehand.

To think, this was the first time I tried to use Quicken and it blew up when I was adding my bank account information. Now it’s telling me that the program files are corrupt and I need to reinstall the software, however, they cannot provide me with a download link for it. If I want to have another download link, I need to “upgrade to the $99.95″ package and then she’ll send me a download link and CD.

Sometimes the ineptitude of some businesses astound me – Quicken lost a customer before it even really had one. Their customer service did nothing to help and was only successful in aggravating me (when I called, I was actually in a pleasant mood – figured it would be resolved in under 5 minutes — wrong).

I’ve used Microsoft Money for nearly 2 years without a single problem and I will stick with it, if for no other reason than never having to deal with the Quicken customer service again.

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The Future Of Music Artist Sites

I’m probably the only person in the world who hasn’t heard of Robin Thicke, so I Googled him.

Of course, his official website came up at the top of the listings. I turned my volume way down and braced myself to be bombarded with music…instead, I was greeted with beautiful silence. Nevermind. It seems I didn’t have the patience to wait for his intro to finish loading and immediately clicked the “Photos” link which explains why I was greeted by silence. Still nice not to have music on every page though.

Yes, glorious silence. I was able to click around, sample songs I actually wanted to hear (though, ladies, I would advise against watching his video if you’re offended by a camera sitting on the ground watching some girl in a bikini bounce around and ‘drop it like it’s hot’.)

Calling all music professionals, don’t assume we’ll like whichever music you set to play automatically upon arrival to your site. Don’t assume we all have our volume set to an ideal level while cruising the internet. Don’t assume that because your ass is plastered on a bazillion CD covers that we should wait nineteen hours for your music to finish loading so we can actually see the rest of your website.

That is all.

Playing Catch Up

Well, I had a lovely birthday and took the opportunity to develop a list of all my accomplishments over the next year. Yes, I’m that certain I will accomplish them all – I’ve already started the ball rolling on two items: visiting Australia and Las Vegas.

My sister booked our tickets yesterday to Sydney in October and I just purchased my tickets to Las Vegas in November. Now, the focus is being shifted to my business goals, lifestyle goals, and hobbies. Currently, there are only 32 items on the list, but I was sure to keep the list general, but detailed enough to know when I accomplish something.

Since I took the weekend off to bask in my completing another year of life with relatively few injuries, the work (and e-mails) has piled high. The rest of my day will be spent at the computer working through client work, providing support, sending e-mails and various other geekery.

And, I haven’t forgotten about the pictures of the b-day gifts, I’ve just been lazy with the camera. I’ll get around to it.

Another Year.

It’s official, I’m another year older, though still twenty-one. (The denial is strong in this one…)

The decision was made, after having a lovely evening out with my sisters, to treat myself to a spa day tomorrow. I’ve never had one before, so I figure my birthday’s as good a time as any.

Oh, and I’ll be spending a portion of the day mapping out what I plan to do for the next year. I feel so alive this year, I’ve done a bit of travelling and I’m itching to do some more.

So far, Australia in October, Las Vegas in November, and Greece next summer (probably for my next birthday) have all been mapped out.

Next, I need to focus on some goals I’d like to achieve as well. Something tells me this next year is going to be awesome.

Happy birthday to any other Tauremini’s out there :)

(P.S. I’ll post photos of my birthday gifts later.)

Only 4 Days Left

To continue feeling relatively young.

It’s hard to imagine that on Friday I will become another year older, though miraculously, I will still remain only twenty-one. :)

I love to do something special for my birthday every year (which usually involves me traveling somewhere), but this year I haven’t made any plans and I have no clue what I should do. My birthdays since the first time I turned twenty-one have been botched and it’s about time I turn the trend around.

Traveling back to NV was a consideration, however, my work schedule is pretty tight so anything I do for the birthday will need to be a day trip or 3-day weekend type of deal. Suggestions and inspiration welcome.

Decisions, decisions. Who knew growing older could be so difficult?

Light Posting

I’m crawling into a little hole and not coming out until all of my prior obligations are completed.

It may be a little quiet around here for a while.

If I’m not back out in 30 days or less, please send in the rescue helicopters…