It’s official, I’m another year older, though still twenty-one. (The denial is strong in this one…)

The decision was made, after having a lovely evening out with my sisters, to treat myself to a spa day tomorrow. I’ve never had one before, so I figure my birthday’s as good a time as any.

Oh, and I’ll be spending a portion of the day mapping out what I plan to do for the next year. I feel so alive this year, I’ve done a bit of travelling and I’m itching to do some more.

So far, Australia in October, Las Vegas in November, and Greece next summer (probably for my next birthday) have all been mapped out.

Next, I need to focus on some goals I’d like to achieve as well. Something tells me this next year is going to be awesome.

Happy birthday to any other Tauremini’s out there :)

(P.S. I’ll post photos of my birthday gifts later.)