I’m probably the only person in the world who hasn’t heard of Robin Thicke, so I Googled him.

Of course, his official website came up at the top of the listings. I turned my volume way down and braced myself to be bombarded with music…instead, I was greeted with beautiful silence. Nevermind. It seems I didn’t have the patience to wait for his intro to finish loading and immediately clicked the “Photos” link which explains why I was greeted by silence. Still nice not to have music on every page though.

Yes, glorious silence. I was able to click around, sample songs I actually wanted to hear (though, ladies, I would advise against watching his video if you’re offended by a camera sitting on the ground watching some girl in a bikini bounce around and ‘drop it like it’s hot’.)

Calling all music professionals, don’t assume we’ll like whichever music you set to play automatically upon arrival to your site. Don’t assume we all have our volume set to an ideal level while cruising the internet. Don’t assume that because your ass is plastered on a bazillion CD covers that we should wait nineteen hours for your music to finish loading so we can actually see the rest of your website.

That is all.