But what happens when language barriers get in the way?

I just hopped off the phone with two Quicken representatives and it was one of the most asinine customer support conversations I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with. The two people I spoke with couldn’t fully understand or comprehend what I was saying although I tried to explain the problem in five different ways (literally) and I could barely understand them with the heavy accent.

The second person I spoke with, who happened to be the floor manager, was actually being coached from someone in the background (who sounded suspiciously like the first gentleman I spoke with). Everything she said to me was whispered by the guy (like I couldn’t hear him) beforehand.

To think, this was the first time I tried to use Quicken and it blew up when I was adding my bank account information. Now it’s telling me that the program files are corrupt and I need to reinstall the software, however, they cannot provide me with a download link for it. If I want to have another download link, I need to “upgrade to the $99.95″ package and then she’ll send me a download link and CD.

Sometimes the ineptitude of some businesses astound me – Quicken lost a customer before it even really had one. Their customer service did nothing to help and was only successful in aggravating me (when I called, I was actually in a pleasant mood – figured it would be resolved in under 5 minutes — wrong).

I’ve used Microsoft Money for nearly 2 years without a single problem and I will stick with it, if for no other reason than never having to deal with the Quicken customer service again.

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