I make every effort to visit each site that links to me.

Some sites automatically link to me when they’re using one of my free WordPress themes, and I’ve discovered some really great blogs that have made it onto my blogroll.

Today was no different until I saw the word “pu**y” in the anchor text and I gasped. I thought it may have been some type of referrer spam until I realized it wasn’t a referrer, but someone actually linking back to my blog.

I clicked through on the link and damn near fell out of my chair. Not that I have anything against porn, but this site was even too much for me to handle. Let’s just say that it catered to a very special type of adult audience and I felt so defiled.

Sure, the theme is free to use, but I never in a million years expected someone to slap it up on an adult website. The theme doesn’t even have anything to do with the adult industry at all…in fact, it’s my Think Different theme, inspired by the Mac browser.

Am I wrong for writing politely to ask the author to take it down and use a different theme or am I being too harsh? I included a link to where she (I assume it’s a she based on the WHOIS data) could get actual WordPress themes tailored for the adult blogger.

Ugh, I feel dirty.