When the cashier yelped, I had no idea what was going on, until I looked up at the monitor to see my bill’s total growing past $3,500 and change. Panic and fear set in as I took a quick inventory of the products in my basket (thinking maybe I slipped a diamond necklace in there or something…though I’m not quite sure they sell those at grocery stores).

Grocery Store Total

Finally, the total stopped going up and starting going down. It seems that my 4 measly mangoes weren’t good enough for the clerk and he decided I needed 4,051. The number started going down only because the mangoes were on sale and the computer was deducting $0.29 for every single pair of the 4,051 mangoes.

After explaining to the store manager that I really love mangoes, but not quite that much, she crashed the computer and started checking me out again…making sure to type in 4 mangoes before she let the cashier take over.

Everyone got a good chuckle out of it and life was once again right.

Who says grocery shopping can’t be fun? :D