Well, just got off the phone with my sister.

Actually, that’s not entirely true – she hung up on me.

But, before you hand me the bad sister award, let me plead my case.

I love my sister and actually believe she’s one of the coolest people in the world. She’s an awesome mom, and sometimes I feel as though she was handed a crappy lot in life. She knows she was handed a crappy lot in life and she reminds me about it…a lot.

She complains, I listen, I offer advice. She complains some more, I listen some more, and I offer more advice. I know I’m not Miss Perfect. I complain about my problems, but I at least try to throw in a few happy thoughts, think positively, and am open to the advice of others. (I pray my complaints don’t dominate my conversations.)

Today she called and sounded down. I must admit I was wary of asking, but I did anyway and she began to tell me about her crappy home owner’s association, that her blood sugar is high, my other sister only gave her 30 pills, and she’s used to 90, so she can’t double up, and so on. Okay.

My response? Your association is requiring some paperwork, get them the paperwork. Your blood sugar is high and you only have 30 pills so you can’t double up — then modify your diet, don’t cheat and find the time to exercise. Simply suggestions, but she refuted them all and decided to continue complaining.

The association really is annoying, though. I shouldn’t need to get them this paperwork. Okay, my association not only caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to my home, they’re not willing to pay for it or fix it – how’s that?

Her diet is already perfect and she doesn’t cheat. Really, she’s good, so her sugar shouldn’t be so high. So I didn’t snap a picture of her chowing down an ice cream cone from McDonald’s not one week ago? And she didn’t tell me, in the same breath while eating said ice cream cone, that she didn’t have a very sugary treat the night before? I must be living in a parallel universe.

She can’t make the time to exercise, even though it’s where her health is concerned, because she has too much on her plate. An hour and a half per week is absolutely impossible. Fine, then ask the other sister for advice on how to lower blood sugar naturally. The only way I know to maintain blood sugar is through diet and exercise.

Apparently, today was just the day I couldn’t take it and snapped. (Have you ever listened to someone complain non-stop for 30 minutes, plus?) I told her I loved her but the only thing she ever does when we’re on the phone is complain and it’s tiring.

I could tell she was very hurt because she told me to walk a day in her shoes and I wouldn’t be so quick to dish out solutions to every one of her problems.

Quite frankly, I don’t want to live a day in her life. I know it’s tough. She has a husband, a house, and a child to take care of. She also has some medical problems and she’s striving to open her own business.

I honestly try not to dish out solutions, I try to provide another perspective. Something to get ideas flowing in her head. That’s the only thing I can do or sit with the phone cocked off to the side and intermittently say “uh huh, that sucks”. Today, I simply couldn’t take it – my energy dropped from super high to damn near low.

So, her response? She has another call and hung up. Didn’t even give me a chance to say good-bye or anything.

It wasn’t intentional to hurt my sister. I commend her for all she does, but like she has problems, I have my fair share, too – today, I really just couldn’t take on any one else’s.

I can probably expect a phone call from the other sibling this evening, I can only hope she won’t be too mad at me. Time for damage control.

Update: Crisis averted. She hath forgiven me for my lack of sensitivity.