Back From Down Under

It’s been nearly a week since I returned from down under, but I’m still recovering from the trip (partly the reason I haven’t posted about it).

Quick Synopsis: On Monday evening, my sister and I flew to LAX and from LAX, we arrived in Sydney on Wednesday morning. Instead of staying there, we spent a few hours before hopping on a plane to Nadi, Fiji until Friday. On Friday, we flew to Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) and then back to Sydney on Sunday through Wednesday. Wednesday morning we flew back home.

A lot transpired on this trip. To say it was amazing would simply be an understatement, so I hope my words can properly convey the experience. finish reading »

Getting Ready For Home

It’s almost time for my sister and me to return home. I’ve taken a ton of pictures from Fiji, Brisbane, and Sydney, but frankly, I’m tired. We just returned from dinner and those two cosmopolitans are kicking in.

So, instead of posting a few pictures from Brisbane and Sydney, I plan to answer a few support e-mails, get my bags ready, and when I return home, I’ll write one (or a few) blog entries outlining the entire trip and set up the gallery.

Views From The Plane (As Promised)

Though I actually have some shots landing in Sydney, the pictures below are while landing in Brisbane (after we left Fiji) — and don’t worry, when I add it to my gallery, you’ll actually be able to click for a larger view.

aerial shot from the plane
aerial shot from plane

Greetings From Fiji

Because there wasn’t much internet access (or, even time to access the internet), this blog entry is coming after we left Fiji. The place is amazing, seriously. But, since time is pretty scarce at the moment, I must regale you with lovely Fijian stories when I return. For now, enjoy some pictures.

Teli and her sister
My sister and I say “hello”. (This is while we were on the cruise to a couple “uninhabited” islands.)

Inhabitants of the uninhabited island
These are the inhabitants of the “uninhabited” island. (Now you understand why I use quotes.)

Fijian beach
What kind of person would I be if I didn’t put up at least one shot of the beach? :) This is from Honeymoon Island.

I’ve taken a ton more pictures, but this is really all I have time for. I plan to get the gallery up as soon as I get home…be on the look out for more quickie updates.

Views From the Plane (Coming Soon)

Well, my sister and I have safely arrived in Australia, and boy was it a mission getting here, but I’ll save that for later. (I was even able to snap some really great pics from the plane as it was landing). Right now we’re chilling in a Starbucks in the Sydney airport.

By my calculations, we’ve been in transit for roughly 26 hours — literally. And we’re about to be in transit yet again because we’re only in Australia for a few hours before we head off to Fiji for three days, then come back to Australia again. Just thinking about it makes me tired.

That’s all for now as I have some e-mails to send and work to catch up on before it’s time to scoot.

Down Under

This is just an ‘out of office’ post for the masses.

From Monday October 16, 2006 through Thursday October 26, 2006, I will be out of office. Because my internet access will be limited, it may take a while to respond to e-mails or questions during this time.

(P.S. This post will be sticky until I get back.

P.P.S. This post is no longer sticky because I’m back.)

We Gonna Party Like It’s Ya Birthday!

SissieD is another year older today, and unlike last year, I refrained from calling her old. :)

And I can proudly say that I was the first person to wish her a happy birthday at the start of the day today because…eh hem…I called her at 12:01am. :D

She didn’t answer, so I began to leave her a message, then partway through my (very poor) rendition of Happy Birthday someone was beeping in…it was her, so I clicked over and finished singing it where I’d left off.

Now, let me tell you all about my wonderful sissie…

She’s the oldest of us three.
She was the one who took over my dream when I was too tired.
She takes care of me when I need taking care of.
Actually, she takes care of anyone who needs taking care of.
She’s one of the strongest people, emotionally and mentally, that I know.
She makes me smile when I need a smile.
She makes me laugh when I need to laugh.
She’s a super pimp, but refuses to admit it.
She encourages me to never settle and to push myself (I can always do better).
She doesn’t get mad at me when I shop in her home. (She has some pretty cool stuff.)
She’s the logical and sensible one of us three.
She is someone I admire and look up to.

And we’re going to Australia together on Monday – WOO and HOO!

But, for now, I’m off to go deliver her present.

Beyond Words

Oddly enough, I can’t even bring myself to imagine the scenario. It’s impossible. It is, simply, unfathomable.

Some people should not be allowed to reproduce. Moreover, they should be relegated to the deepest, darkest, most brutal pits of hell to have their bones picked clean in the slowest, most painful way — eternally.

In the Gutter

Amazon Link
(Yeah, I know — my mind is in the gutter. It only caught my eye because I didn’t think it was a legitimate link.)

This is what you call a rather unfortunate situation of random letters and numbers. The irony of this is that it’s the ASIN for a CD with clean lyrics.

My Sissie Wubs Me

My sister text messaged me yesterday morning a couple days ago, but I didn’t get it until now because I’m notoriously bad at checking my text messages unless I’m actually holding the phone when I get it.

She’s been messing around with her new cell phone, and after a barrage of “my cell phone is better than your cell phone” types of messages, I got this one…

10/05/06 8:42am


Awww. That made me smile.

(She still needs to work on her text message shorthand, though.)