SissieD is another year older today, and unlike last year, I refrained from calling her old. :)

And I can proudly say that I was the first person to wish her a happy birthday at the start of the day today because…eh hem…I called her at 12:01am. :D

She didn’t answer, so I began to leave her a message, then partway through my (very poor) rendition of Happy Birthday someone was beeping in…it was her, so I clicked over and finished singing it where I’d left off.

Now, let me tell you all about my wonderful sissie…

She’s the oldest of us three.
She was the one who took over my dream when I was too tired.
She takes care of me when I need taking care of.
Actually, she takes care of anyone who needs taking care of.
She’s one of the strongest people, emotionally and mentally, that I know.
She makes me smile when I need a smile.
She makes me laugh when I need to laugh.
She’s a super pimp, but refuses to admit it.
She encourages me to never settle and to push myself (I can always do better).
She doesn’t get mad at me when I shop in her home. (She has some pretty cool stuff.)
She’s the logical and sensible one of us three.
She is someone I admire and look up to.

And we’re going to Australia together on Monday – WOO and HOO!

But, for now, I’m off to go deliver her present.