Because there wasn’t much internet access (or, even time to access the internet), this blog entry is coming after we left Fiji. The place is amazing, seriously. But, since time is pretty scarce at the moment, I must regale you with lovely Fijian stories when I return. For now, enjoy some pictures.

Teli and her sister
My sister and I say “hello”. (This is while we were on the cruise to a couple “uninhabited” islands.)

Inhabitants of the uninhabited island
These are the inhabitants of the “uninhabited” island. (Now you understand why I use quotes.)

Fijian beach
What kind of person would I be if I didn’t put up at least one shot of the beach? :) This is from Honeymoon Island.

I’ve taken a ton more pictures, but this is really all I have time for. I plan to get the gallery up as soon as I get home…be on the look out for more quickie updates.