It’s that time again, I will be attending PubCon. This time, however, it will be in Las Vegas, not Boston. Chances are, it will still be cold, though.

In Boston, Lynn, Chrissie, and I had a blast — not to mention the wonderful quotes we collected. We met a lot of people, took a lot of notes (read: learned a lot), talked, and just had fun. I was saddened to hear they won’t be attending this time around, but I’m determined not to let it get me down. I’ll be taking plenty of photos, so it will be like they’re right there with me.

Now, let me shamefully steal this idea from Michael and list the people I’d like to meet when I get there (in no particular order):

People from the South Florida area. I swear, it seems like there’s next to no one here who understands what I’m talking about when I go into geek/affiliate/webmaster mode. And the one person who used to live down the street from me moved to Central Florida before we even met or knew we lived down the street from each other.

And people who love blogs/blogging as much as I do (a lot).

And, of course, anyone who feels like saying ‘hi’ to me. :)