I Hate Spammers!

That’s the latest spam mantra that keeps getting killed by Akismet.

My response? If you truly hate spammers, then you must really loathe yourself. I hear they have therapy for that now.

(And if the dumbass who keeps spamming people with that stupid line happens upon this blog entry, please get a clue.)

Sites To Remember

Moleskine Drawings on Flickr – beautiful artwork with a unique personal touch. Artistic inspiration in one place.

Moleskinerie – where journaling (with Moleskines) is an art.

Moleskine – I may need to bite the bullet and see what all the fuss is about once and for all. (May also be available at Amazon. Note to self: check Amazon for Moleskine journals.)

Self Hosted Version of BaseCamp – Well, not Basecamp per se, but it makes itself out to be a feasible alternative. Must get over fear of learning curve.

Reading Diary – Damn fine idea. If I had a laser printer. One day I may get one…then again, there’s always Kinko’s.

Moleskine Hacks – Oh goodness, how I love that smoking journal hack, but not for smoking (cuz I don’t smoke). It could be used for the other wonderful things I do…movie ticket stubs, special event ticket stubs, bottled water labels, and the possibilities are damn near endless.

Portable Amazon Wishlist – Sensible (offline) shopping.

Whitespace – My home needs more whitespace. If only it were as easy as a simple CSS tweak. Ah well, guess I’ll be donating quite a bit this week.

View All Comments (WP) – Could potentially be useful.

Thoughtful Postal Service – I wonder if it would work in the U.S.

TeraPad – Beyond blogging? We’ll see (since it’s free).