Kick me, kill me — a definition

The other day, I was discussing fashion with a friend. When I mentioned that the subject of our debate was wearing a pair of “kick me, kill me” shoes, my friend offered a very puzzled, “huh?”

Well, here’s a definition.

Kick me, kill me is a term used among Caribbean islanders (and possibly elsewhere) generally referring to spiked heels, very pointy or very large shoes.

The inference is that if one were to be kicked by a pair of these shoes, one would surely be dead in a matter of moments.

There you have it. Now, go forth and dazzle your friends with a new term for scary shoes.

Snakes on My Patio

It seems my Little Tiger is all about making new friends and can somehow put the fear of God into any living thing, even a two and a half foot snake.

Here’s what the frightened little guy looked like before my intervention:

The snake, coiled and frightened

Here’s what the now a little less frightened little guy looked like after I scooped him away:

The snake, uncoiled

(You can click on the images for a larger view)

When I picked him up, he finally began to uncoil. When I dropped him, he sat there stunned for a little while before slithering off toward freedom. And here I expected to have a nice, lazy Sunday afternoon.

Blink…Blink Blink

It’s 7:33am and I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed. Generally I’d say that’s a good thing — if I actually went to sleep the night before.

That’ll teach me to experiment with energy drinks at two in the morning.

Crap. That feeling in my tummy can’t be a good thing. I think it’s hunger. (Though my body’s still going, I believe my mind shut down half an hour ago.) To eat or to sleep…what a dilemma.